Social Networking Giants Grilled By MPs On Hate Content

After Donald Trump's ban from many social networking platforms, British MPs grill executives on their respective hate content policies

3 months ago

UK Government, Facebook, Google, Twitter To Tackle Covid Misinformation

Major social networking platforms team up with the UK government and Full Fact Chariy to fight misleading information about Coronavirus

5 months ago

Government Publishes Social Media Regulation Plans

White paper calls for an independent regulator that would write a code of conduct covering illegal or dangerous content –…

2 years ago

Facebook Needs Regulation and Code Of Ethics, Say MPs

Zuckerberg pays for failing to appear before MPs as influential committee hands out tough recommendations

2 years ago

Facebook Documents Seized By British Parliament

Playing hardball. MPs use rare parliamentary powers to seize documents after Zuckerberg refuses to testify

2 years ago

Government Urges Businesses To Prep For Tougher Data Protection Law

Lock down that data! Charities and businesses warned to prepare for implement of Data Protection Bill

3 years ago

DCMS £25m Fund Aims To Develop UK 5G Technology Leadership

The department is to award match-funded grants of up to £5m each, starting with projects that can foster Britain's '5G…

3 years ago

Government Demands Social Networks Remove Abusive Content

Government announces plans to tackle cyber bullying and improve Internet safety education

4 years ago

Businesses Face Fines If Cyberattack Causes ‘Essential’ Service Outage

'Essential' infrastructure operators could be fined £17 million or 4 percent of global turnover if they suffer an outage because…

4 years ago

Government Urges Cyber Security Startups To Apply For GCHQ Accelerator Scheme

The GCHQ Cyber Accelerator will look to help UK cyber security startups to scale up

4 years ago

DCMS Is Now Department For Digital, Culture, Media And Sport

DCMS name changes to reflect growing importance of digital and technology in its activities

4 years ago

Culture Minister: Tory Government Will Still Deliver Fibre, 5G And Minimum Broadband Speeds

Reappointed culture minister says digital programmes, 5G and broadband investment will go ahead despite political uncertainty

4 years ago

Government: Half Of UK Businesses Suffered Security Breach Last Year

Government report highlights the security threats facing businesses and the impacts of being breached

4 years ago

Digital Catapult Gets £1.1m Government Funding To Drive Cyber 101 Scheme

The fund will aim to help mentor cyber security startups to grow into larger companies

4 years ago

GCHQ And DCMS Join Forces With Cyber Security Startups

The new Accelerator centre will help startups develop cyber security systems with the help of £50 million of government funding

5 years ago

UK Government Introduces New Online Porn Restrictions

All sites containing pornographic content will soon be legally required to request some form of age verification

5 years ago

Manchester Will Be UK’s IoT Showcase City

City also nets £10m prize from DCMS for investment in IoT projects

5 years ago

DCMS Assumes Data Protection Policy Responsibility And ICO Sponsorship

Responsibility and oversight for privacy protection moves from the Ministry of justice to the Departmen for Culture, Media and Sport

6 years ago

Britain’s SMBs Are Finally Getting Faster Broadband

DCMS figures reveal more than 40,000 SMEs have registered for £3000 broadband vouchers to improve their connections

6 years ago

Government-Funded Superfast Broadband Rollout Reaches 300,000 Premises

DCMS says rollout is now likely to have reached more than 300,000 homes and businesses

7 years ago

Mobile Operators To Attend Government 4G Meeting

DCMS looks to 4G to bring superfast broadband to rural areas not covered by BDUK

8 years ago

PAC: BT And Government Are Killing Broadband Competition

DCMS advised to stop throwing money at BT until it comes up with a more competitive framework

8 years ago

Government Auditors Slam Rural Broadband Deployment

The rollout of superfast broadband into rural areas has been slammed by government auditors

8 years ago

National Audit Office Exposes Problems With BDUK Rural Broadband

A July report will question whether the rural broadband roll-out scheme provides value for money

8 years ago

BDUK Gains EU Blessing For Superfast Broadband Rollout

The EU approves British plans to roll out superfast broadband to rural communities via the BDUK scheme

8 years ago

BDUK: Superfast Broadband Hits Super-Dense EU Buffers

The BDUK process has failed to deliver fibre competition. In that case, BT should open up all its new rural…

9 years ago