PM Theresa May Seeks Safe AI Future For UK

British PM to propose new advisory body to oversea safe and ethical deployment of AI, and urges tech firms to…

3 years ago

World Economic Forum Opens Tech-Focused San Francisco Office

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is intended to help guide public policy and regulation in the face of…

5 years ago

Google Chairman Expects Internet To ‘Disappear’ Soon

Eric Schmidt says improved connectivity will create large shift in how we get online

6 years ago

Davos: Two-Year Investigation Into Future Of The Internet Announced

Commission chair Carl Bildt says open and flexible model of the Internet increasingly under attack

7 years ago

UK Signs Up To Cyber Resilience Initiative In Davos

Hague signs agreement at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

8 years ago

Twitter Expands WEF Debate Beyond Davos

KPMG says its now possible to be in Davos without actually being there after it monitors World Economic Forum tweets

9 years ago

ISOC Tells WEF: No Quick Fixes For Safer Internet

The Internet Society's CEO will warn the World Economic Forum against a "knee-jerk" Internet security fix

10 years ago