Microsoft Warns Cloud Customers Of Potential Breach

Leaky cloud storage bucket. Thousands of Microsoft Azure customers are warned of data exposure risk in Redmond's Cosmos database

5 months ago

NHS Patient Database Plan To Proceed Despite Protests

Government to activate centralised NHS Digital database of patient records next month in spite of criticism over lack of public…

8 months ago

Police Delete Database Containing 150,000 Records

Police database falls down some stairs. British coppers accidentally delete data on 150,000 people from the Police National Computer

1 year ago

Biometrics Database Breach Not So Big, Says Suprema

'Errr yes it was' security researchers insist, estimating that 'large amounts of biometrics data' has been exposed

2 years ago

Choice Hotels Data Breach Affects 700,000 Records

Does it ever stop? Another day, another breach, as hackers demand ransom for 700,000 customer records

2 years ago

Microsoft Deletes Facial Recognition Database Over Privacy Fears – Report

Responding to privacy and ethical concerns, Microsoft deletes facial recognition training database

3 years ago

Database Contains Millions Of Dating App Records

Database contains 42.5 million dating app profiles discovered that contains thousands of American records

3 years ago

Salesforce Customers Still Experiencing Issues After Major Outage

The outage began on Friday after the deployment of a database script that inadvertently granted users broad permissions over companies'…

3 years ago

European Parliament Approves ‘Big Brother’ Database

Critics say plans to link together existing identity databases across the EU may break Europe's own data protection laws

3 years ago

Russian Government Scheme Exposes Corporate Data

More than 2,000 MongoDB databases operated by major domestic and foreign companies were left accessible under the government programme

3 years ago

Amazon Web Services’ DocumentDB Takes Aims At MongoDB Workloads

Amazon's new managed non-relational database service raises questions about the future of open source in the cloud era

3 years ago

MongoDB 4.0 To Offer Multi-Document ACID Transactions

No need to choose relational databases anymore, says MongoDB, with upcoming addition of ACID transactions

4 years ago

HPE Expands Private Cloud With ‘GreenLake’ Workload Packages

The deals, covering areas such as database and big data analysis, give customers access to cloud-style pricing for remotely managed,…

4 years ago

Google Cloud Spanner Database Now Supports Multiple Regions

Google Cloud Spanner promises no more database compromises and 99.999 percent availability with no downtime

4 years ago

Startup Showcase: Snowflake

Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia talks about data warehousing, the company's origins and admiration for Amazon

4 years ago

Tech Quiz Of The Week: What Do You Know About Oracle?

ORACLE OPENWORLD: What do you know about the software house Larry built?

4 years ago

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Can Patch And Adjust Itself

ORACLE OPENWORLD: Oracle CTO Larry Ellison details self-tuning, self-protecting cloud database and how customers can save money compared to AWS

4 years ago

Oracle Diary: Oracle ‘Simplifies’ Cloud Pricing With Licence Mobility & Universal Credits

ORACLE NEWS: Oracle promises its new pricing models will make it cheaper to move to the cloud without sacrificing features

4 years ago

Amazon Hopes AWS Macie Machine Learning Tool Will Stem Cloud Data Loss

AWS SUMMIT: Amazon has released Macie, an AI-powered tool aimed at securing data held in the cloud, following a string…

4 years ago

Dow Jones AWS S3 Server Error Leaks Personal Data Of 2.2 Million Customers

The exposed data includes names, addresses and the last four digits of credit card numbers

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Pick Operating System

Best OS you never heard of? Pick OS was initially developed to manage spare parts for attack helicopter during Vietnam…

5 years ago

Hadoop Databases Expose 5 Petabytes Of Data To The Internet

Unsecured Hadoop databases are less numerous than MongoDB instances, but expose 200 times more data, research finds

5 years ago

1.4bn Emails Exposed As Huge Spam Operation Fails To Password Protect Documents

Spammergate: Researchers discover vast database of email addresses and suggestions of cybercrime against spam kings sending 1bn messages a day

5 years ago

Google Cloud Spanner Throws Down Relational Database Challenge

Watch out MySQL, as Google offers a scalable relational database for high transaction workloads

5 years ago

Belgian Telco Proximus Rolls Out IoT Network With MongoDB

Proximus' development team explains how it found a database to meet its IoT project needs.

5 years ago

MongoDB CTO Discusses The Database Evolution

INTERVIEW: Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB CTO & co-founder talks IoT and the latest database trends ahead of the launch of MongoDB…

5 years ago

SAP Launches HANA 2 And Developer-Focused Cloud Microservices

SAP appears to be courting enterprise developers and app makers

5 years ago

Yandex Is The First Russian Tech Firm To Join The CVE

The company wants to be transparent in how it discovers and protects against cyber security flaws

5 years ago

Adult FriendFinder Sex And Dating Website Allegedly Hacked Again

Surely not? Hackers claim to have penetrated (ahem) online sex and swinger website yet again

5 years ago

Tech Quiz Of The Week: Oracle

What do you know about Oracle's history, its software, its founders and its controversies?

5 years ago