data protection act

Morrisons Tells Supreme Court It Is Not Liable For Breach

Not our fault. Supermarket tells Supreme Court it was not liable for 2014 hack of staff payroll data

1 year ago

Uber Fined By Regulators For Hiding Data Breach

Stern words and stiff fine from UK regulator after Uber displayed “complete disregard” for customers and drivers

2 years ago

Government Urges Businesses To Prep For Tougher Data Protection Law

Lock down that data! Charities and businesses warned to prepare for implement of Data Protection Bill

3 years ago

ICO Serves Notice On Ministry of Justice Over Information Delays

The ICO's has taken formal action against the MoJ after finding a backlog of hundreds of information requests, some dating…

3 years ago

ICO: Future UK Data Protection Laws Must Equal Those Of EU

Safe Habour advice. British data protection act should be used when transferring data to US, says ICO

5 years ago

ICO Raps Police Forces Over Data Protection

Data protection watchdog highlights data handling issues across different British police forces

7 years ago

ICO Plans Press Code Of Practice After Leveson Pressure

Following Leveson's criticisms of the PCC effort to guide the press in following data protection law, the ICO is called…

8 years ago

Justice Committee Tells EU To Rethink Data Protection Proposals

They are over-prescriptive, confusing and unrealistic - just a few of the committee's problems with EC proposals

8 years ago

ICO To Investigate Civil Service Data Breach Claims

Channel 4 documentary finds 25 confidentiality breaches per week at the Department for Work and Pensions

9 years ago

London Marathon Faces ICO Investigation

Marathon organisers posted runners' details on official website

9 years ago

Businesses Confidence In Data Security At Low Ebb

A new survey has revealed a chronic lack of confidence among businesses about their data protection

9 years ago

ICO Slaps Cheshire East Council With £80,000 Fine

The Information Commissioner has fined Cheshire East council £80,000 for not properly protecting personal data

9 years ago

Taxpayers Alliance Calls For Personal Liability For Data Breaches

The Taxpayers' Alliance says p[ublic sector data loss fines should be paid by individuals, not tax payers - others sidagree

9 years ago

NHS Trust Will Appeal Against ICO Penalty

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust will appeal if fined £375,000 by ICO

9 years ago

The Cattle Group Loses Data Of 1.4 Million Clients

The Cattle Group reports loss of backup tape containing personal and financial data on clients

9 years ago

ICO To Crack Down On Rule Breakers In 2012

ICO says austerity is no excuse for flaunting its rules and warns companies not to cut corners in 2012

9 years ago

Powys Gets Biggest ICO Fine Yet For DPA Breach

Powys County Council slammed for over-sharing child-protection case details

9 years ago

Mobile “Big Brother” Carrier IQ Busted

Carrier IQ software logs every stroke on Android, RIM and Nokia phones, and says it's for your own good

9 years ago

Delete Before You Dispose, Or Stand Open To Threats

UK firms must learn to destroy confidential data when IT equipment reaches the end of its working life

9 years ago

ICO Fines Councils For Breach

Some council staff don't know the difference between internal and external email, the ICO has found

9 years ago

Swedish Cloud DBaaS Avoids Patriot Privacy Snag

As the Patriot Act drowns Safe Habor concepts, European cloud services find a marketing angle

9 years ago

ICO Demands Jail Sentence For Web Gambling Sting

The Information Commissioner has fined a man for selling the personal details of online bingo players

9 years ago

Taming Consumer Devices In Business

As consumerisation blurs the lines of personal and professional, Comtact’s Dominic List looks at ways to cope

9 years ago

ICO Slams Rochdale For Data Loss

Rochdale Council lost 18,000 residents’ data on unencrypted USB stick, the ICO said

9 years ago

MPs Want Jail Sentences For Data Misuse

A Justice Committee report has declared current penalties insufficient to deter data privacy offences

9 years ago

Private Sector Data Protection Breaches Increase

The ICO's annual report found a 58 per cent increase in data breaches by private companies.

9 years ago

Facebook Faces Irish Data Protection Probe

Facebook is bracing itself for a data protection audit in Ireland that could result in an £87,000 fine

9 years ago

NHS Loses 800 Patient Records On Unencrypted USB

The Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust lost the records of 800 patients and did not inform them

10 years ago

ICO Censures Manchester Hospital For Data Breach

A Manchester hospital has lost information about patient treatments in the latest NHS data breach scandal

10 years ago

ICO Censures Lancashire Police For Data Breach

Lancashire Police, formerly the haunt of ex-Met boss Paul Stephenson, has been cited for breaching the DPA

10 years ago