data privacy

A Pandemic Of Data Sharing?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the use of apps and other trace and track technologies have not delivered on their…

2 weeks ago

Silicon UK In Focus EXTRA: Does More Data Equal Better Health?

Rabia has a background in immuno-genetics with a passion for bridging the worlds of science, business and technology. She completed…

1 month ago

Does More Data Equal Better Health?

Healthcare, like many other sectors, is moving through technological change. All of the technologies in development need patient data. The…

1 month ago

Avast Closes Jumpshot Division After Privacy Row

Security firm Avast announces it is immediately winding down Jumpshot division and terminating data sharing with it, following privacy scandal

6 months ago

Regulators Investigate Google Over Ascension Health Data Deal

Probe begins of Google, after deal that gives it access to healthcare data about millions of Americans

9 months ago

Microsoft Pledges To ‘Honour’ California’s Privacy Rules

Redmond pledges to roll out California's strict CCPA privacy laws across the entire United States

9 months ago

Google Signs Healthcare Deal With US Firm Ascension

Privacy worry? Search engine giant Google to gain access to health data on millions of Americans

9 months ago

Microsoft Demands Privacy Protection To Safeguard Rights

Privacy protection is essential to shield human rights, says Microsoft President Smith, as he calls for tougher controls

9 months ago

Facebook Confirms Groups Privacy Mistake

Face palm time. 100 developers may have retained access to user data since Facebook rule change in April 2018

9 months ago

Russia Seeks User Ban For Sharing ‘Illegal Content’

Online freedom clampdown? Russian lawmarkers draft bill to block email or messenger users who circulate 'banned' content

10 months ago

Information Overlord: Google and Your Right to be Forgotten

With a surprise ruling in favour of Google, has the right to be forgotten, now become obsolete outside of Europe?

10 months ago

Amazon Expands Echo Range, Adds Wearables, Alexa Personalisation

Surprise motherf****r! Alexa's voice can soon be replaced by the voice of actor Samuel L Jackson

10 months ago

Embracing Big Brother: Is Your TV Watching You?

With news that smart TVs are collecting vast quantities of personal information and then passing this to Google and Amazon,…

10 months ago

Google Completes Integration of DeepMind Health

NHS Trusts agree to allow Google to process NHS data, as DeepMind Health completes integration

11 months ago

Human Error Blamed For Visa Data Breach Down Under

Personal information of 317 people applying for Australian visas leaked after email blunder, ABC investigation finds

12 months ago

Third Of European Businesses Not GDPR Compliant

Over a year since it was introduced, 30 percent of European organisations are still not GDPR compliant

1 year ago

‘Study From Facebook’ App To Pay Users For Their Data

Dollars for data. Facebook app will allow users to sell the company data on how they use competitors’ apps

1 year ago

Hackers Steal Traveller Data From US Customs And Border Protection

Reason not to unlock smartphones for US customs? Hackers breach US customs subcontractor database

1 year ago

Mozilla Readies Firefox Premium – Report

Free version will remain unchanged, but premium browser could offer cloud storage and VPN capabilities

1 year ago

NHS Laptop, Mobile Theft Rises Dramatically

Rise in theft of tech from the NHS has prompted warning about cyber risk to patient data

1 year ago

Facebook Privacy Case Will Be Heard At ECJ

Europe's top court will finally hear privacy case against Facebook, after Irish Supreme Court ruling

1 year ago

TfL To Collect Commuters Wi-Fi Data From July

VPN time? Commuters in London are to have Wi-Fi data collected to help improve journeys on the underground

1 year ago

More Than 25,000 Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers Found Leaking Sensitive Data

The issue appears to be due to an incomplete patch for a known issue dating from 2014

1 year ago

Facebook US Settlement Could Impose 20 Years Of Oversight

A deal with the FTC reportedly in the works could extend oversight of Facebook's data practices, but critics say it's…

1 year ago

US Border Phone, Laptop Searches Need Warrant, Say Campaigners

Travellers to the US are being increasingly ordered to unlock their smartphones and laptops for searches

1 year ago

Crime Victims To Be Asked To Hand Over Smartphones

Digital strip search? Cops to ask rape and other victims to hand over phones to ensure prosecution go-ahead

1 year ago

NCSC Won’t Automatically Share Breach Info With Watchdog

Not a snitch. GQHC agency promises not to share breach information with watchdog unless victim gives permission

1 year ago

Facebook Uploaded 1.5 Million Email Contacts

Oh dear, oh dear. Facebook admits uploading email contact data on 1.5 million people without consent

1 year ago

Facebook Takes Down Exposed User Data On Amazon Server

Mexican firm responsible however refuses to accept 540 million records on Facebook users was sensitive

1 year ago