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Is Data the Answer To Business COVID-19 Recovery?

As businesses of all sizes build their strategies for COVID recovery, data will play a vital role. As the commercial…

1 year ago

The Rise Of The Chief Data Officer

Data is now the most important commodity all businesses possess. Managing what can be vast databases of information needs a…

2 years ago

UK SMBs Struggle To Manage Customer Data, Seagate Warns

GDPR is watching. British firms unsure of basic data protection policies and many still use USB sticks as primary storage…

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Pick Operating System

Best OS you never heard of? Pick OS was initially developed to manage spare parts for attack helicopter during Vietnam…

4 years ago

MoD Eases Data Management Headaches With Linkspace

Government G-cloud success as MoD utilises Linkspace to manage data mountains surrounding military deployments

5 years ago

Sky Bet Boosts Customer Experience With Cloudera

Sky Betting and Gaming moves into Cloudera Enterprise to hit instantaneous reward fulfilmet for gamers

5 years ago

Has Fujitsu Cured The Industry’s Petabyte-scale Storage Headaches?

Fujitsu hopes to disrupt the storage market with the launch of its hyper-scale Storage ETERNUS CD10000

7 years ago

Two Fifths Of Businesses Are Confused By Data Management Legislation

Six Degrees Group claims people put their trust in managed data service providers

8 years ago

Border Agency Data Failures Could Let Crooks Into UK

Agency failing to make adequate checks on criminal suspect databases, MPs claim

9 years ago

Data Management Software Revenue To Grow 21 Percent This Year

The market for customer data management is expected to grow to $644 million in 2012 and exceed $1 billion in…

10 years ago

The Big Data Conundrum

Companies must examine their business processes, to get the full benefit of the power of Big Data, says Ricoh Europe‚Äôs…

10 years ago

Oracle Cloud Storage File System Automates Data Management

Oracle Cloud FS is intended to institute storage pooling across files, middleware and applications in a cloud

11 years ago

Tackling The Smart Meter Data Avalanche

Utilities companies need to start thinking seriously about how to handle the influx of data from smart meters, says Teradata's…

11 years ago