data loss

MoD Reported 7 Serious Data Losses To ICO

Data blunders continue at Ministry of Defence, with 7 serious data incidents in the space of a year, as well…

5 months ago

Police Delete Database Containing 150,000 Records

Police database falls down some stairs. British coppers accidentally delete data on 150,000 people from the Police National Computer

1 year ago

Hacker Forums Contain Over 15 Billion Stolen Credentials

Sheer scale of stolen user data available online on hacker foums revealed in a report from data loss detection firm…

2 years ago

Morrisons Faces Hefty Compensation Claim After Losing Appeal

Court of Appeal rules that supermarket is liable for rogue employee who posted salary details online

4 years ago

Australian Bank Confirms Loss Of 20 Million Accounts

But the biggest lender down under, fails to notify clients of the loss of two magnetic tapes containing customer data

4 years ago

What Even Is World Backup Day And Why Is It Important?

We take a look at the origins of World Backup Day and why businesses should take it seriously

5 years ago

NHS Loses Half A Million Patient Documents

The NHS has admitted thousands of patients may have been affected by the loss of records that went undelivered over…

5 years ago

Data Breach Exposes 550,000 Australian Red Cross Blood Service Donors

Security flaws on the organisation’s website led to personal data bleeding out after a basic hack attack

6 years ago

TalkTalk’s Cyber Security Negligence Gets It Hit With £400,000 ICO Fine

The Information Commissioner said TalkTalk’s security was found wanting

6 years ago

Yahoo Hack: Eastern European Blackhats Responsible For The Massive Data Breach

Cyber security firm InfoArmor says criminal hackers for hire are to blame for the Yahoo hack in 2014

6 years ago

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches

Data breaches from hack attacks continue to get bigger and bolder but which of these do you remember?

6 years ago

FoI Requests Show Businesses Are Vastly Under-Reporting Stolen Devices To The ICO

Freedom of Information (FoI) requests submitted to ICO and UK police show just 1 in 10 stolen devices with personal…

7 years ago

London’s Businesses “Facing Daily Data Loss Risks”, Says EMC

Storage provider offers some top tips to make sure your data stays safe

8 years ago

Are Your File Sharing Practices Risking Data Loss And Compliance Violation?

Businesses lack clear policies, visibility and authority to control employee file sharing risk, research has found

8 years ago

Kroll Ontrack Touts Data Recovery Via Cloud

Look Mum, no hands! Now, engineers at Kroll Ontrack don't require physical access to a damaged drive to undertake data…

8 years ago

UK Cybersecurity Attitudes ‘Lagging Behind’ US Says BT Survey

Worldwide BT survey finds UK business leaders far less concerned with cybersecurity than other nations

8 years ago

SMBs Unready For Data Loss And Lack Backup

Small businesses lack backup policies and don't think mobile devices contain much sensitive data, survey reveals

9 years ago

ICO Dishes Out £250,000 Fine After Outsourcing Nightmare

Scottish council says it may appeal a massive fine for an outsourcer's recycling gaffe

10 years ago

The Only Way Is Out After Essex Data Breach

Joey Essex looks on in dismay...

10 years ago

ICO Pressures Charities To Open Doors For Data Protection ‘Check Ups’

The ICO doesn't want to fine charities, so is encouraging them to take advantage of free help

10 years ago

ICO Unlikely To Re-Probe Google Despite Street View Findings

The ICO looks set to let Google off again, even after findings show workers knew what they were doing when…

10 years ago

Infosec: One In 10 Second-Hand Hard Drives Keep Personal Data

ICO research confirms the fact that valuable data is still on many hard drives even after they are supposedly wiped

10 years ago

McAfee And Xerox Team Up Over Printer Security

McAfee is to extend its security software to Xerox printers, as the two companies partner up over security

10 years ago

Official Loses Nuclear Plant Safety Test Details On USB Stick

ONR official loses USB stick containing details about Hartlepool power plant, but claims nothing "significantly sensitive" was lost

10 years ago

Getting Cyber Security Legislation Right

Governments are creating legislation to combat cyber crime, Imperva’s Rob Rachwald wonders if their methods will work

11 years ago

MoD Admits More Laptop Losses

The MoD has admitted to mislaying IT equipment including more than 180 laptops

11 years ago

ICO Slams Rochdale For Data Loss

Rochdale Council lost 18,000 residents’ data on unencrypted USB stick, the ICO said

11 years ago

Users Risk Major Data Loss With Poor Backup

A study has revealed a significant number of people are failing to protect their personal data with backups

11 years ago

NHS Loses 800 Patient Records On Unencrypted USB

The Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust lost the records of 800 patients and did not inform them

11 years ago