data encryption

Government Backs Ad Campaign Against End-To-End Encryption

Public funds to used for government-backed advertising campaign against end-to-end encryption, but security experts argue against the move

7 days ago

Children At Risk From End-to-End Encryption, Says Report

Plans by social media firms to widen the use of end-to-end encryption will put children a risk, Children Commissioner warns

1 year ago

Interpol Delays Encryption Condemnation After Opposition

Criticism from civil liberties groups and tech firms halts Interpol's plan to condemn spread of encryption

2 years ago

Tech Firms Oppose GCHQ ‘Ghost’ Encryption Proposal

Apple, Google, Microsoft signal opposition to GCHQ proposal to eavesdrop on encrypted messages

3 years ago

Researchers Discover Ransomware Targeting Mac OS

Even Apple users need to make sure they are backing up their files

5 years ago

Infosec 2017: WannaCry Could Have ‘Killed The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg’

WannaCry went against many other ransomware strains that came before it

5 years ago

The Encryption Conundrum: How Terrorism Is Driving Today’s Privacy Discussion

WhatsApp becomes the latest centre of attention as encryption vs privacy debate once again rears its head

5 years ago

Faketoken Mobile Banking Trojan Targets 2,000 Android Apps

The data encryption capability is unlike that of most mobile ransomware in that it blocks the data rather than the…

5 years ago

Draft Bill To Penalise Tech Firms For Refusing Encryption Order

US senators close to finalising draft bill that will penalise tech firms who refuse court orders over encrypted data

6 years ago

Many NHS Health Apps Leak Data, Study Finds

Many NHS-accredited health apps have poor privacy standards and don't secure customer data, study finds

6 years ago

Washington Post Tackles Snooping, Encrypts Webite

Major American news outlet encrypts website to protect readers from spies and hackers

7 years ago

US Tech Firms Warn Obama To Back Off Encryption

Open letter to President Obama highlights tech opposition to efforts to weaken encryption systems

7 years ago

LogJam Vulnerability Exposes Encryption Fears

Not again! Another legacy encryption flaw could explain how the NSA and co cracked encrypted communications

7 years ago

Dell Targets Endpoint With Expanded Encryption Suite

Dell has updated its data protection encryption suite to help businesses with endpoint security

10 years ago

Remote Working Presents Security Issues For IT

Remote access is becoming more popular, more complex and more risk-prone, forcing IT departments to get clued-up

11 years ago