data collection

China Approves Far-Reaching Privacy Law

Beijing approves tough new rules about the collection and use of personal data, including stronger rules governing surveillance systems

9 months ago

President Biden Targets Tech Monolopies, Data Collection

Sweeping executive order signed by US President Joe Biden on Friday targets tech giant domination, broadband provision, data collection, right…

11 months ago

German Regulator Orders Facebook To Stop Using WhatsApp Data

Three month data collection ban. Facebook has been banned by regulator from processing the personal data from German WhatsApp users

1 year ago

Signal Shows Data Collection Adverts Facebook Rejected

Signal has had user-targetted adverts on Instagram blocked, as messaging service attempts to highlight Facebook data collection

1 year ago

Facebook App Pop-up To Explain Benefits Of Data Collection

Response to Apple privacy rule. Facebook testing new pop-up alert for iPhone apps, explaining benefits of data collection

1 year ago

Facebook Sued By Australia For Onavo Protect Data Gathering

Australia files lawsuit against Facebook over its data collection practices associated with its discontinued Onavo Protect VPN app

1 year ago

Google To Delete User Searches, Location Data After 18 Months

Privacy win? Google will automatically delete user's website searches and visits, as well as some location data, after 18 months

2 years ago

Google Removes Avast, AVG Extensions From Chrome Web Store

Google takes action over data collection concerns about browser extensions from Avast, AVG, joining similar action by Mozilla and Opera

2 years ago

Google Facing Data Collection And Privacy Probe – Report

Attorney generals from more than 30 US states are readying anti-trust investigation of Alphabet's Google unit

3 years ago

‘Study From Facebook’ App To Pay Users For Their Data

Dollars for data. Facebook app will allow users to sell the company data on how they use competitors’ apps

3 years ago

MI5 Handling Of Personal Data ‘Unlawful’, Watchdog Warns

Intelligence agency did not store data correctly and kept it for too long, official watchdog warns

3 years ago

Germany Promises ‘Quick’ Action On Facebook Data Practices

The head of Germany's Cartel Office says Europe is set to ratchet up regulatory pressure on 'abusive' tech giants

4 years ago

GCHQ Snooping Deemed Unlawful By Watchdog

Surveillance watchdog rules GCHQ bulk data collection is unlawful, but says no evidence that agency misused the system

4 years ago

Groups Hit YouTube With Complaint Over Data Gathering On Kids

Groups allege that YouTube violates child protection laws by collection personal data of minors

4 years ago

Facebook Denies Secret Android Metadata Collection

Troubled social network forced to deny claims it surreptitiously collected Android call, text data for years

4 years ago

Facebook Accused of Data Extortion By German Authorities

Facebook will be forced to make technical changes if found guilty of antitrust charges

5 years ago

Westfield CIO: Data And Personalisation Are Key To Shopping Centre Survival

Shopping is fast becoming an online activity, but Westfield has a plan to keep consumers coming back to its two…

5 years ago

Wearables In The Workplace: The Hurdles, Benefits And Opportunities

The adoption of wearables has grown rapidly in the consumer world, but why has adoption been slower in the enterprise…

5 years ago

Teradata Universe: Six Ways Data Can Make Your Business A Digital Leader

Data has gone mainstream, but can you be considered a digital leader?

5 years ago

Smart Sex Toy Firm Forced To Pay £3 Million In Data-Tracking Lawsuit

Security vulnerabilities and secret data tracking result in significant financial hit for Canadian sex toy firm

5 years ago

Machine Learning Is The Future Of Sports Data

Machine learning and AI are playing bigger roles in sports data collection, as Patrick Lucey, Director of Data Science at…

5 years ago

Eavesdropping Malware Discovered Gathering Audio Data In Ukraine

"Operation BugDrop" malware stealthily infects computers and secretly turns on the onboard microphone

5 years ago

Windows 10 Creators Update Brings Streamlined Privacy Controls

Redmond looks to give Windows 10 users more control over the diagnostic data it collects

5 years ago