data centre cooling

Microsoft Submerges Servers In Boiling Liquid

Keeping it cool. After submerging a data centre in the North sea, Microsoft now submerges its servers in so called…

1 year ago

Microsoft Sinks Second Data Centre Under The Sea Near Orkney

No more worry about cooling costs, when you sink a data centre deep within the ocean, claims Microsoft

4 years ago

Singapore Tests Data Centres At 30 Degrees In 90 Percent Humidity

'Tropical Data Centre' trial will test how data centres can run at higher temperatures, saving costs through reduced cooling demands

6 years ago

Fujitsu Claims Huge Energy Savings With Liquid Cooling

Good to be green. Fujitsu says its Primergy cooling tech for data centres can halve cooling costs

7 years ago

Microsoft Blames Firmware Update For Cloud Failure

A firmware update caused a data centre temperature spike, that in turn nixed access to Hotmail and

9 years ago

Leeds University Tests Iceotope’s Liquid-Cooled Servers

Leeds University is testing a cooling system that could have wider uses

9 years ago

Open Compute Publishes Open Rack Data Centre Standard

The Open Compute Project has released its latest hardware specs for more power efficient data centres

10 years ago

Digital Realty Trust Buys Three Data Centres In London

London's data centre market continues to prove attractive after Digital Realty announced an acquisition that will give it three new…

10 years ago

eBay Goes Green With Solar Panels For Utah Data Centre

Despite concerns about the suitability of solar panels for data centres, eBay is to harness the power of the sun…

10 years ago

Data Centres Hit Capacity Crunch, But Efficiency Is Ignored

Despite a lack of capacity and power, data centre owners are ignoring efficiency measures, says a survey

10 years ago

Green Grid Updates Cooling Maps With New ASHRAE Classes

The Green Grid has updated its free data centre cooling maps to allow managers to take advantage of free air-cooling

10 years ago

CeBIT 2012: Iceotope Claims Huge Data Centre Savings With Liquid Cooling

Using liquid instead of air can cut cooling by 97 percent, Iceotope believes

10 years ago

Physical Infrastructure Still A Power Play In Virtualised Worlds

Virtualisation and cloud computing continue to grow but Panduit’s David Palmer-Stevens stresses the importance of the underpinning physical infrastructure

10 years ago

GRC Touts Server Immersion To Heat Offices

A radical way to cool your servers by submerging them in liquid could also potentially heat buildings

11 years ago

Microsoft Denies Humidity Changed Its Data Centre

Microsoft has gone modular in an Iowa centre, and denies reports that humidity caused the change

11 years ago

Waste Heat From Disney Data Centre Warms District

Disney has provided a peak “behind the magic”, at least in how its data centres will turn heat into energy

11 years ago

AST Modular Opens Container Data Centre In Denmark

AST Modular has opened a data centre in Denmark, built using 21 modular shipping containers

11 years ago

Dell Ups Server Temperature Limit In Cooling Push

Dell is making it easier for its servers to utilise fresh air cooling after setting new temperature limits

11 years ago

Data Centre To Save Yorkshire Water £90k Per Year

Yorkshire Water is set to save itself £90,000 a year thanks to a new data centre incorporating green tech

11 years ago

British Server Cabinet Maker Kell Joins APC

A British provider of innovative soundproof server cabinets for offices has become part of APC

11 years ago

McAfee Expands Cloud Data Centre To London

Intel acquisition does not slow regional email, web and security services expansion

11 years ago

Newcastle Data Centre Gets Green Light

A second 'state-of-the-art' green data centre has been given planning approval at the Cobalt Campus in Newcastle

11 years ago

Scottish Council Uses Free-Air Cooling For ‘Listed’ Data Centre

A Scottish local authority is cutting servers and saving energy at a data centre in a listed building

11 years ago

Zen And The Art Of Disaster Recovery

Andy Walsky suggests eight steps to enlightened data, and explains how IT managers can achieve the perfect yin and yang

11 years ago

EcoCooling Touts Cleaner Data Centre Cooling

Could evaporation cool data centres in a greener way than traditional refrigeration units?

12 years ago

Gartner: Data Centres Set For Fresh Headaches

Data centres are set to face a rapid rise in problems associated with power, cooling and space, thanks to the…

12 years ago