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What Even Is World Backup Day And Why Is It Important?

We take a look at the origins of World Backup Day and why businesses should take it seriously

5 years ago

NetApp’s Backup As A Service Now Available In The UK

NetApp's growing focus on as-a-service platforms continues with BaaS UK rollout

5 years ago

A Close Look At Leaders In Rapidly Growing DRaaS Market

DRaaS offers business continuity by enabling data backup, recovery and retrieval. It is the process of replicating virtual servers to…

6 years ago

Google Nearline Offers Cheap Cloud Storage For Businesses

Another potential blow for storage server sales? Google touts cheap long-term cloud storage option for companies

7 years ago

How To Protect Your Data During a Computer Clean Up

Kroll Ontrack offers its top tips on how to avoid data loss when cleaning out digital media

7 years ago