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Major Stolen Card Marketplace Shuts Down After Making Millions

Operators of stolen card data marketplace UniCC say they will 'retire' due to age and health, as several other major…

1 day ago

Data On 700 Million LinkedIn Users For Sale On Dark Web – Report

LinkedIn denies the personal data of 700 million users for sale on Dark Web was a result of a data…

7 months ago

Billions Of Emails, Passwords Leaked Online

Huge exposure of personal emails and passwords found on dark web hacker forum, is a compilation of many previous breaches

12 months ago

Police Raid Dark Web Marketplaces, Seize 500kg of Drugs

Worldwide police operation against dark web vendors results in 179 arrests, seizure of 500kg of drugs, $6.5m (£5m) in cash…

1 year ago

BBC News Launches ‘Dark Web’ Site To Beat Censorship Regimes

Going dark. International BBC news website can now be accessed via the Tor network, to thwart censorship

2 years ago

German States Approve Criminal Law Targeting Dark Web Infrastructure

The proposal would hand prison sentences to those whose dark web platforms are used for criminal purposes

3 years ago

Encrypted Apps Used To Exchange Child Abuse Images – Report

Criminals increasingly utilising encrypted apps, rather than the dark web, to trade child abuse images

3 years ago

More Than 6,500 Dark Web Sites Erased By Hackers

Daniel's Hosting, one of the most popular hosting sites on the Tor network, has had its entire roster of thousands…

3 years ago

US Takes Hacker Extradition Case To London Court

Two men are accused of helping run the Infraud hacking group, said to have stolen more than £409m from individuals…

3 years ago

Almost Half Of British Internet Users Suffer ‘Online Harm’

Online health check. Eight in ten adults concerned when going online, as majority fret over online content

3 years ago

Hacker Selling US Military Secrets On Dark Web

Reaper drone data and operation manual for M1 ABRAMS battle tank for sale on dark web after Netgear router exploit

4 years ago

Amber Rudd To Earmark £9m For Dark Web Crackdown

Experts question whether additional funding will help in the fight against criminals who exploit dark web

4 years ago

Bill Gates: Cryptocurrencies Have ‘Caused Deaths In A Fairly Direct Way’

Murder on the Bitcoin express? Microsoft co-founder Gates wades into cryptocurrency debate

4 years ago

The Dark Web: How Does The Internet’s Underbelly Work And What Does It Really Hide?

IN-DEPTH: The Dark Web has a sinister reputation but how does it work and can it actually be a force…

4 years ago

Tor Project: To Censor ‘Hateful’ Daily Stormer Would Undermine Our Principles

Tor Project says it is against racism and hate in all its forms but censorship would undermine the anonymity needed…

4 years ago

Authorities Take Down Dark Web’s Biggest Criminal Marketplace

AlphaBay and Hansa were together responsible for the trading of hundreds of thousands of illegal commodities

5 years ago

Coachella Website Hack: 950,000 User Accounts For Sale On The Dark Web

Big data breach shows organisations of all sizes and sectors are open to the attentions of cyber criminals

5 years ago

Hacker Takes Down 20 Percent Of Dark Web Hosted Sites

Freedom Hosting II had 10,000 Tor-based webpages rendered inaccessible

5 years ago

Hackers Will Crack Hotmail And Gmail For Just £90

Dell SecureWorks report warns that business is booming for the dark web as hacking gets more professional and profitable

6 years ago

The Robot ‘Jailed’ For Buying Ecstasy Online Is Back

Random Darknet Shopper robot was kept in police custody for three months, but now it's randomly buying goods on Dark…

6 years ago

University Denies Tor Accusation Of FBI Cash For Attacks

Carnegie Mellon denies Tor allegation the FBI outsourced cyber attack in return for cash payment

6 years ago

Intel Shines Light On Dark Web Activity

Intel shines a light on murky underworld of the cybercrime economy, where stolen data is regularly brought and sold

6 years ago

Just How Dark Is The ‘Deep Web’?

Trend Micro report uncovers disturbing details about the underbelly of the Internet

7 years ago

Robot That Bought Ecstasy On Dark Web Freed By Police After Three Months

The Random Darknet Shopper had bought 10 yellow pills containing 90mg of ecstasy each as part of artists' experiment

7 years ago

Illegal Marketplace ‘Evolution’ Disappears With £8m In Bitcoins

Evolution, one of the largest 'dark web' sites of its kind, has gone offline in what appears to be a…

7 years ago

Darkleaks Offers Whistleblowers Black Market Trades For Bitcoins

Shady website offers an anonymous marketplace for potential whistleblowers ...and blackmailers

7 years ago

US, European Authorities Seize ‘Dark Web’ Sites

Silk Road 2.0 was one of the 410 'hidden' pages taken down in 'Operation Onymous' coordinated raids

7 years ago

Cyber Crime Industry Runs Its Own Marketing, Recruitment And Customer Service

Hackers are able to earn more money than drug dealers, claims new research into cyber criminal habits sponsored by Juniper…

8 years ago

Police Shut Down Dark Web Drug Site Utopia And Arrest Five

Dutch law enforcement announce the arrest of five individuals in investigation into Utopia and Black Market Reloaded

8 years ago