Daily Mail

Malvertising Attack Targets Daily Mail Website

Another malvertising attack emerges, this time targeting the Daily Mail and it's 'sidebar of shame'

7 years ago

ICO Looking Into Daily Mail Privacy Fail

Conservative paper in data leak shocker

9 years ago

Spoof Tweeter Lawsuit Dropped By Daily Mail Group

The Daily Mail Group has dropped a lawsuit against a spoof tweeter, even though it deemed the tweets “offensive”

10 years ago

Spoof Tweeter Accused Of Hacking Daily Mail Group

Northcliffe Media says it was hacked by the owner of a spoof Twitter account mocking its CEO

10 years ago

UK Government To Dismantle NHS IT Programme

The world's largest public sector IT project has officially failed, but experts say nothing has changed

11 years ago

Facebook May Sue Daily Mail Over ‘Sex Gang’ Headline

Legal action could follow a Daily Mail headline that linked Facebook to a paedophile gang

11 years ago