US, Taiwan Hold Joint Cyberwarfare Exercise

Stimulation drill involves Taiwan and US experts, amid cyber threats from North Korea and China

2 years ago

President Trump Eases Cyber Warfare Rules – Report

Reverses Obama's bureaucratic rules that dictate how and when the United States can deploy its offensive cyberweapon arsenal

3 years ago

Infosec 2016: Mikko Hyppönen Blames North Korea For SWIFT Attacks

Hyppönen claims we're in a new era where the 'fog of cyberwar' is preventing us from knowing who is attacking…

6 years ago

Pentagon Cyber Scorecard Database To Combat Hackers

'Automated scorecard' to build up a picture of US military system vulnerabilities to help prioritise fixes

6 years ago

US Treasury Computer System Was Open To Hack

Shoddy government security? Vital intelligence system for US financial system was vulnerable to hackers

6 years ago

US And China Pledge ‘Code Of Cyber Conduct’

“Please stop hacking American targets”, or words to that effect as President Obama raises concern with China

6 years ago

‘Chicken Farm’ Botnets Actively Target Governments, Researchers Warn

Asian espionage networks have compromised government and corporate systems worldwide, researchers warn

8 years ago

Chinese Internet Chief Hits Back At US Hacking Accusations

A top Chinese official says it is the US that is doing the hacking, and claims to have “mountains of…

9 years ago

Defence Firm QinetiQ Pillaged By Chinese Hackers

Chinese hackers have repeatedly stolen intellectual property and defence information from QinetiQ

9 years ago

NATO Team Wins Cyber Defence Exercise

The NATO 'blue team' has won a cyber defence exercise that tested the online capabilities of a number of countries

9 years ago

Fresh DDoS Attacks Batter US Banks

Major US banks are once again hit by DDoS attacks, with speculation increasing about their origins

9 years ago

China Fires Back And Accuses US Of Hacking

China claims it is a victim of state-sponsored hacking from the US, not a perpetrator

9 years ago

China Claims IP Hijack After Hacking Allegations

China has hit back at reports that government-backed hackers are targeting Western organisations

9 years ago

President Obama Signs Cyber-Security Executive Order

Analysts have welcomed Obama's signing of an executive order to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack

9 years ago

Iran Claims Flame Caused ‘Massive’ Data Loss

Iran says Flame caused significant data loss as the UN puts out a warning for member states

10 years ago

US To Rush Work On Cyberweapons

Pentagon recognises the value of hacking as a form of warfare

10 years ago

Israeli Stock Exchange And Banks Hit By Hackers

The online cyber war against Israel continues, with the stock exchange, banks and the national airline the latest victims

10 years ago

WEF Report Warns Of Cyber-Attack Danger

The WEF has warned world leaders about the impact of increasingly virulent cyber-attacks on global stability

10 years ago

Japan Develops Defensive Cyberweapon Arsenal

Japanese military plans to deal with an offensive cyber-attack on the country and its infrastructure have been revealed

10 years ago

Growing Security Headache For Industrial Sector In 2012

McAfee researchers have been crystal ball watching to divine 2012's security trends. Tom Jowitt investigates their findings

10 years ago

UK Cyber Defences Bolstered For Olympics

The Olympics are now only seven months away and will reportedly enjoy 'unprecedented' cyber security

10 years ago

Iran Fights Off Duqu Malware Attack

Iran confirmed its government systems were attacked by the Duqu worm, but says all is under control

10 years ago

Nuclear And Military Data Taken In Mitsubishi Hack

Highly sensitive military and industrial data was stolen from Mitsubishi when it was hacked in the summer

10 years ago

Beijing Defends Right To Censor Internet

The Chinese government has defended its “Great Firewall Of China” following fresh American pressure

10 years ago

City University Forms Unit To Combat Cyber Threats

City University London has created a research unit to tackle growing threats of cyber terrorism and crime

10 years ago

Chinese Government Hack Caught On TV

The Chinese government has always denied it hacks western targets but a new video shows otherwise

10 years ago

Former CIA Official Warns Of Imminent Cyber-War

A former CIA counter-terrorism expert has told Black Hat attendees that a major cyber-attack is imminent

10 years ago

American Cyber-Security Boss Abruptly Steps Down

The boss of the American cyber security division has unexpected handed in his resignation

10 years ago

US Highlights Need For Global Cyber Security Strategy

A top US official has warned that nation states are struggling to cope with the flood of cyber attacks

10 years ago

MoD Creates Command Unit To Counter Cyber Threats

Liam Fox has created a new joint force command at the MoD to oversee cyber warfare and military intelligence

10 years ago