Killnet Threatens To Shut Down Hospital Ventilators, After London Arrest

Russian cybercrime hacking group Killnet reportedly threaten to shut down ventilators at British hospitals, after gang member arrest in London

3 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Threat Hunters

Staying one step ahead of cyber attackers takes a special kind of mindset. You need to think like an attacker…

8 months ago

GozNym Cybercrime Gang Dismantled in Global Operation

Law enforcement in many countries take down a criminal gang that used malware to steal millions

3 years ago

Amber Rudd To Earmark £9m For Dark Web Crackdown

Experts question whether additional funding will help in the fight against criminals who exploit dark web

4 years ago

Hacking Insurance ‘Surges’ Amid Cyber Crime Fears

Company fears over cybercrime stokes rise in cyber insurance policies, as European hack reporting rules loom

5 years ago

Free Hacking Tools Lure Teenagers Into Cybercrime

Easy to use and free hacking tools are pulling young people into a life of cybercrime, claims NCA

5 years ago

Criminals Making Greater Use Of Tech, Warns Europol

Organised crime study reveals that nearly all criminal gangs are now using some form of technology

5 years ago

Stampado Ransomware Starts Deleting Files If No Payment Is Made

The clock is ticking. Ransomware victims have just 96 hours to cough up or it begins deleting files

6 years ago

Criminal Marketplace Offers Cheap Server Access For Global Cyber-Attacks

Fancy a DDoS attack? Cybercrime marketplace offers access to compromised third party servers for just £4.23

6 years ago

Criminals Offer Windows Zero-Day For £66,000 In Bitcoin

Zero days are coming out of the shadows and are fast becoming a commodity for the criminal masses, warns Trustwave

6 years ago

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Criminals ‘Retire’, Hand Over Master Key

Ransomware gang closes down and gives crypto key to ESET, but reasons are unknown

6 years ago

Dridex Trojan Evolves To Continue Banking System Spree

Dridex redeveloped by its gang, as it continues to loot bank accounts around the world, IBM researchers warn

7 years ago

Police Arrest Member Of Cyber Extortionists DD4BC

Scotland Yard involved in European raids and arrest of key member of DDoS extortionist gang DD4BC

7 years ago

Cisco Takes Down £40m Ransomware Gang

Ransomware gang using Angler exploit kit to make $60m (£39m) annually has been shut down

7 years ago

SEC Files Insider Trading Charges After Financial Wire Hack

Authorities charge 32 people after international group hacked financial newswires to trade shares on the stock market

7 years ago

Darkode Hacking Forum Goes Dark

Notorious hacking forum used by Lizard Squad and other cybercriminals taken offline by the FBI

7 years ago

New ‘Wild Neutron’ Hacker Group Targets Bitcoin Firms

Wild Neutron is uncovered by security researchers Symantec and Kaspersky

7 years ago

Fujitsu: IT Security ‘Needs To Be For Everyone’

Rob Norris tells TechWeekEurope why education could play a major role in providing the security specialists of the future

7 years ago

Darkleaks Offers Whistleblowers Black Market Trades For Bitcoins

Shady website offers an anonymous marketplace for potential whistleblowers ...and blackmailers

7 years ago

‘Only 100 People’ Are Responsible For The World’s Cybercrime, Says Europol

Troels Oerting calls for greater international co-operation to help the fight against cybercriminals

8 years ago