cyber warfare

Ukraine Defence Ministry Suffers DDoS Attack

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence confirms it suffered a huge DDoS attack, while online services for two local banks were also…

3 months ago

Ukraine Suffers Massive Cyberattack, As Russia Increases Troop Buildup

Concern grows Russia is planning another military action in Ukraine, after a massive cyberattack on 70 government websites

4 months ago

EU’s First Cyber-Warfare Sanctions Target Russia, China, North Korea

EU imposes asset freeze and travel ban on individuals and organisations from three countries over destructive cyber-attacks carried out in…

2 years ago

US Charges Four Chinese Military Officials Over Equifax Hack

The US Department of Justice has charged four Chinese military hackers with carrying out the 2017 breach of Equifax credit…

2 years ago

President Trump Eases Cyber Warfare Rules – Report

Reverses Obama's bureaucratic rules that dictate how and when the United States can deploy its offensive cyberweapon arsenal

4 years ago

Britain Launches Cyber Attack Against ISIL Terrorists

Cyber offensive...UK conducts major offensive cyber-campaign" against the Islamic State group

4 years ago

Foreign Secretary Warns Russia Over Cyber Attacks

Angry Russian reaction after Boris Johnson warns Moscow to cease cyber-attacks or face retaliation

4 years ago

NATO Plots Cyber Warfare Rules

NATO members to draw up rules and on how and when to deploy its cyber warfare capabilities

4 years ago

MAD Concept Of Deterrence Doesn’t Apply In World Of Cyber War

ANALYSIS: The rules of traditional warfare don't apply in cyber war, even to the point where it's hard to tell…

5 years ago

UK, US Wargame Tests Financial Response To Cyber Attack

War games. British and American tests the responses of their financial centres to a major cyber attack

7 years ago

Pentagon Cyber Scorecard Database To Combat Hackers

'Automated scorecard' to build up a picture of US military system vulnerabilities to help prioritise fixes

7 years ago

North Korean Hackers Can Kill, Claims Defector

North Korea spends up to 20 percent of its military budget honing its cyber-attack capabilities

7 years ago

North Korea Web Outage Was Revenge For Sony Hack

North Korea's December Internet blackout was in retaliation for the Sony hack, admits US cybersecurity official

7 years ago

Chinese Military To Bolster Cyber Defences

China's armed forces promise better cyber defences as it urges the use of more domestic software

8 years ago

Syrian Malware Is On The Rise, Warns Kaspersky

As the civil war in Syria enters its fourth year, cyber warfare shows no sign of abating

8 years ago

Cameron Pledges £1.1bn To Fight ‘Modern’ Cyber Terror Threat

Cyber attacks are recognised as a serious threat to the security of the country, but just how much money will…

8 years ago

US-China Cyber Espionage Discussions Fail To Deliver

Discussions between President Obama and President Xi Jinping bring nothing concrete

9 years ago

Chinese Internet Chief Hits Back At US Hacking Accusations

A top Chinese official says it is the US that is doing the hacking, and claims to have “mountains of…

9 years ago

Pentagon Says China Behind Cyber Espionage On US

China denies US claims it was behind attacks on numerous nations in 2012

9 years ago

North Korea Escalates Cyber-Conflict Tensions

North Korea has reportedly stepped up its cyber activity as nation-state cyber warfare attacks increase worldwide

9 years ago

InfoSec 2013: Security Big Guns Back Cyber Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty

RSA chief Coviello and Eugene Kaspersky urge pan-global agreement similar to deal covering nuclear arms

9 years ago

NATO Cyber War Manual Says Hackers Are Targets

Online Geneva Conventions proposed for cyber war

9 years ago

North Korea: US Is Hacking Us

Americans accused of working with South Korea to hit North's Internet

9 years ago

US Defense Department Expands Cyber Command ‘Fivefold’

US cyber force set to get 4,000 more employees

9 years ago

US General: Iran Poses Serious Cyber Attack Threat

Stuxnet has caused a spike in offensive work in Iran

9 years ago

MPs Unsettled By Potentially ‘Fatal’ Government Cyber Warfare Strategy

We rely on heavily on badly-protected technology, say MPs

9 years ago

Government To Launch Fresh Cyber Security Squadrons

CERT and Cyber Reserve to be set up within the next year

9 years ago

Israel Hit By ‘Over 44m Hack Attacks’ Amidst Hamas Conflict

Israel and Hamas involved in bitter conflicts both on and offline

10 years ago

Governments To Show ‘Public Demonstrations Of Cyber War Power’

Cyber war is coming and governments are going to flex their muscles in the coming months, says Mikko Hypponen

10 years ago