Darktrace Enjoys Successful London IPO

Darktrace enjoys successful public listing in London on Friday, valuing the AI security specialist at £1.7 billion ($2.4 billion)

9 months ago

US Administration Renews Cyber-Security Focus

Incoming US administration set to place experienced cyber-security officials in key posts, as country grapples with massive SolarWinds hack

12 months ago

Hospitals At Risk Due To Outdated Operating Systems

Palo Alto Networks has warned in a new report that the healthcare sector is in 'critical shape' due to its…

2 years ago

NHS Needs Urgent Investment In Cybersecurity

Outdated computers, lack of investment, and sparsity of skills means the NHS remains vulnerable to hackers

3 years ago

Financial Services Firms Report 1,000 Percent Rise In Cyber Incidents

Phishing and ransomware top the list of cyber-attacks reported to the Financial Conduct Authority amidst stricter transparency requirements

3 years ago

One In Four NHS Trusts Spent No Money On Cybersecurity

WannaCry lessons? In the past year, a quarter of NHS spent absolutely nothing on cyber-security training

3 years ago

Russia’s Telegram Ban Shuts Down Google Services

Amazon and Google have been caught in the crossfire as Russia's regulator RKN tries to keep Russians from using Telegram

4 years ago

Post WannaCry, NHS Seeks New Cyber-Security Deputy

Government seeks candidate to lead £200m programme to sharpen cyber security resilience of the NHS

4 years ago

Government Aims To Promote Cyber Security Exports

A new Cyber Security Export Strategy outlines plans to promote British expertise abroad

4 years ago

UK Police Cyber Training Spend Revealed

Is that all? British police spent just £1.3m on cyber training for staff in the last three years

4 years ago

SMBs Still Worryingly Under-Prepared To Face Ransomware Threat

Ransomware clearly needs to be taken seriously, but the majority of SMBs are not getting the message

4 years ago

UK Students Urged To Enrol In £20m Cyber Security Programme

UK government targets 14-18 year old's to tackle security skills gap

5 years ago

US And Russia ‘Exploring’ Joint Cyber Security Group

Russia and the United States are reportedly exploring the creation of a joint cyber security team

5 years ago

NHS To Receive £21 Million Cyber Security Boost From UK Government

Cash injection aims to protect NHS against future WannaCry-esque attacks

5 years ago

Government Urges Cyber Security Startups To Apply For GCHQ Accelerator Scheme

The GCHQ Cyber Accelerator will look to help UK cyber security startups to scale up

5 years ago

President Trump U-Turns On Russia Cyber Security Partnership

Russian hackers are widely believed to have meddled in last year's US Presidential election

5 years ago

Spear Phishing Attacks Need To Be Given The Attention They Deserve

Ransomware has dominated the headlines in recent months, but Barracuda's SVP of security argues that spear phishing should be receiving…

5 years ago

Cyren CEO: Pure Cloud Vendors Are The Future Of Cyber Security

As the benefits of using cloud for cyber security become clearer, is it now the only realistic way forward for…

5 years ago

McAfee Report Highlights Rise In Cyber Threats And Evasion Techniques

It should come as no surprise, but cyber threats are continuing to rise

5 years ago

Interest Surge ‘Eases’ UK Cybersecurity Skills Gap Crisis

Cloud security still has the greatest mismatch between demand and supply

5 years ago

AlienVault Eyes Up IPO As Growth Spurt Continues

No set date as of yet, but expect AlienVault to step up it's IPO efforts in the coming months

5 years ago

Trump’s Cyber Security Executive Order Is A Good First Step

Executive Order includes efforts to modernise IT systems and protect critical infrastructure

5 years ago

70 Percent Of UK Universities Have Fallen Victim To Phishing Attacks

Seven universities said they have been hit more than 50 times in the last year

5 years ago

Cardiff University And Airbus To Open Cyber Security Centre Of Excellence

The centre will aim to plug a growing skills gap and carry out research into areas such as machine learning…

5 years ago

SailPoint: Identity Management Should Be Central To Cyber Security Strategies

SailPoint founder Kevin Cunningham explains why identity management is becoming central to cyber security

5 years ago

Government: Half Of UK Businesses Suffered Security Breach Last Year

Government report highlights the security threats facing businesses and the impacts of being breached

5 years ago

Cybersecurity Incidents Cost Shareholders £42 Billion

Shareholders lose out as financial impact of security breaches equates to £120 million loss of market value. And it's only…

5 years ago

McAfee Labs Report Lays Bare Threat Intelligence Challenges Facing Businesses

Prevalent threat intelligence challenges include dealing with the volume and quality of data being collected

5 years ago

Intel Spins Out McAfee Into Separate Cyber Security Firm

Intel will still retain a 49 percent share in the new security company

5 years ago