cyber criminals

US Government Offers $10m Bounty For Colonial Pipeline Hackers

DarkSide criminals who hacked Colonial Pipeline are firmly in American crosshairs, after $10 million bounty is offered for their ID…

3 weeks ago

US Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex

Cryptocurrency exchange Suex hit with sanctions by US Treasury Department for alleged role in laundering ransomware payments

2 months ago

UK NCSC, US Agencies, Warn Of Russian Cyber Campaign

America's NSA, CISA, FBI, alongside the United Kingdom's NCSC have warned about an ongoing brute force campaign by Russia's GRU…

5 months ago

Insurance Firm CNA Pays $40m To Ransomware Criminals

When it will end? One of the largest insurance firms in the United States has reportedly paid hackers a staggering…

6 months ago

Ireland Tests Decrypt Tool After ‘Catastrophic’ Ransomware Attack

Tool being tested after 'stomach-churning' ransomware attack that crippled Ireland's health IT systems during Coroavirus pandemic

6 months ago

Colonial Pipeline CEO Confirms Ransom Payment

Despite paying the ransom to cyber criminals, some internal Colonial Pipeline systems are still reportedly not functioning

6 months ago

Office Cleaners Pose Cyber Risk, Police Warn

Criminal gangs are planting “sleepers” in cleaning firms so they can access corporate IT systems, British police have warned

2 years ago

Public Charging Stations Can Steal Data, Warn Officials

'Juice jacking' criminals are exploiting USB charging stations at airports, hotels and shopping centres to install malware

2 years ago

Texas Suffers ‘Co-ordinated’ Ransomware Attack

Local government departments across Texas have been attacked with ransomware from 'single threat actor'

2 years ago

Each Police Force Gets Dedicated Cybercrime Unit

Government cash injection means each police force in England and Wales has now got its own dedicated cybercrime unit

3 years ago

Cryptojacking, Ransomware Threats Continue To Grow, Warns NCSC

UK businesses face growing online danger and need to prioritise cyber security and work closely with law enforcement

4 years ago

Cyber Banking Mastermind Arrested By Police In Spain

Mastermind suspected of stealing £870m (€1bn) arrested for Carbanak, Cobalt banking malware campaigns

4 years ago

‘Hero’ Brit WannaCry Cyber Researcher Arrested In US For Kronos Trojan

FBI arrests Marcus Hutchins, who successfully stalled the WannaCry ransomware attack in May

4 years ago

Authorities Take Down Dark Web’s Biggest Criminal Marketplace

AlphaBay and Hansa were together responsible for the trading of hundreds of thousands of illegal commodities

4 years ago

Cisco Warns Of ‘Destruction Of Service’ Attack Threat

Cisco paints a bleak picture of the current cyber security landscape

4 years ago

SWIFT Intros New Tool To Help Banks ID Fraudulent Messages

Security upgrades continue at SWIFT as it seeks to assist the banking sector to identify suspicious payments

5 years ago

Necurs Botnet Targets Users With Old-School Stock Scam

Getting emails about a once-in-a-lifetime stock opportunity? It's probably too good to be true

5 years ago

Kaspersky Lab: 43 Percent Of DDoS Victims Believe Rival Firms Are To Blame

Industrial sabotage was voted more likely than attacks by cyber criminals, disgruntled employees and political conspiracy

5 years ago

Scammers Targeting MacOS With Denial-Of-Service Attacks

This follows the discovery of a similar type of attack in November where an HTML5 API caused browsers to freeze

5 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Hackers Could Exploit Open Data To Wreak Real-World Chaos

ODI founders want the government to consider open data as critical infrastructure that needs protection

5 years ago

Symantec Spots Student Scam Powered By Ascesso Trojan

Scammers are trying to trick students into paying for application to the US student loan forgiveness programme

5 years ago