New York Signs Bill To Ban Certain Crypto Mining Operations

Lawmakers in New York have passed a bill to ban certain cryptocurrency mining operations that run on carbon-based power sources

2 months ago

Nvidia Charged By SEC For ‘Inadequate Disclosures’ About Crypto Mining

US financial regulator charges GPU giant Nvidia for “inadequate disclosures” concerning the impact of crypto mining on the company’s gaming…

3 months ago

Russia Readies Road Map For Cryptocurrency Regulation

Russian authorities ready plan for tough cryptocurrencies restrictions, but not the outright ban favoured by central bank

7 months ago

Russia Proposes Ban On Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Mining

Russia's central bank has this week proposed the banning on the use and mining of cryptocurrencies, citing multiple risk factors

7 months ago

Power Blackouts Sees Kosovo Ban Crypto Mining

Landlocked Kosovo has officially banned cryptocurrency mining as it grapples with soaring energy prices and electricity blackouts

7 months ago

Bitcoin Plummets To Below $30,000 Amid China Crackdown

Bitcoin digital currency falls below $30,000 in value on Tuesday for the first time since January, as China clampdown bites…

1 year ago

China Extends Crackdown Against Cryptocurrencies

Hardening attitudes. China's central bank has urged banks and payment firms to crack down harder on cryptocurrency trading

1 year ago

World Bank Rejects El Salvador Bitcoin Request

Crypto setback? World Bank refuses a formal request from El Salvador to assist with implementation of Bitcoin as legal tender

1 year ago

Police Raid Bitcoin Mining Operation

West Midland police raid industrial estate location stealing electricity on a drugs warrant, but location was mining cryptocurrency, not growing…

1 year ago

Bitcoin Plunges After Elon Musk Rules It Out For Tesla Purchases

Bitcoin blow. Elon Musk says Tesla it has suspended use of Bitcoin by customers, due to its heavy use of…

1 year ago

Nvidia Driver For New GPU Card Restricts Cryptomining

Global shortages of GPU cards for gamers and digital artists, sees Nvidia trying to stop new cards being snapped up…

1 year ago

Firefox 69 Blocks Tracking Cookies, Crypto-mining

No more cryptominers or third party tracking cookies, Mozilla promises with new Firefox release

3 years ago

China Looks To Phase Out Bitcoin Mining

The biggest crypto-mining companies are based there, but China may now list the activity amongst the 'undesireable' economic sectors destined…

3 years ago