EU Warns Of State-Sponsored Attacks On 5G Networks

European Union warns of 5G risk, particularly of a 'supplier being subject to interference from a non-EU country'

9 months ago

Chinese Hackers Target UK Think Tanks

British think tanks are being repeatedly target by Chinese hacking groups, Crowdstrike warns

2 years ago

Donald Trump Data Pilfered After Democrat Hack By Russians

Democrat computer hacked by Russian intelligence agencies and lifted opposition data on 'The Donald'

4 years ago

Russian Government Accused Of Industrial Cyber-Espionage

CrowdStrike claims the ‘Energetic Bear’ group has been hacking foreign companies on behalf of the Russian state

6 years ago

CrowdStrike Falcon Service Tracks Attacks Back To Source

CrowdStrike has launched a managed security service allowing companies to gather intelligence on the hackers attacking them

7 years ago

Dutch Consider Allowing Police To Legally Hack Back

Dutch police could get the power to hack criminals' equipment, even if they are based abroad

7 years ago

RSA 2013: Get The Lawyers, Offensive Security Is Go

CrowdStrike's George Kurtz is leading the industry into offensive security and a legal minefield awaits

7 years ago

Researchers Raving Over Remarkable Rootkit

Rootkit can inject malicious iFrames into any HTTP response sent by a server and is rather good at hiding itself...…

8 years ago

CrowdStrike Wants UK Firms To Fight Cyber Crooks – But Is It ‘Nuts’?

When CrowdStrike CEO Shawn Henry calls on UK firms to fight back, is he inciting more cyber crime?

8 years ago

RSA 2012: Zero-Day WebKit Flaw Allows Android Device Takeover

Start-up CrowdStrike will demonstrate the use of a flaw in Android WebKit to take full control of mobile devices

8 years ago