Former FTX Executive Ryan Salame Sentenced To Seven Years

Former Bankman-Fried top lieutenant Ryan Salame given longer sentence than prosecutors had asked for over role in FTX collapse

3 weeks ago

London Woman Jailed For Six Years For Laundering Bitcoin

Jian Wen, 42, jailed for more than six years after police seized more than £3bn of Bitcoin at her luxurious…

3 weeks ago

MGM Hackers Launch New Campaign Targeting Financial Sector

Aggressive hackers behind hacks on Las Vegas MGM and Caesars casinos launch new campaign as FBI says it is moving…

1 month ago

Creating Deepfake Porn Without Consent To Become A Crime

People who create sexually explicit ‘deepfakes’ of adults will face prosecution under a new law in England and Wales

2 months ago

Tesla Berlin Factory Arson Attack Claimed By Leftwing Group

Elon Musk brands the damaging and expensive arson attack on Tesla gigafactory in Berlin as “extremely dumb”

3 months ago

Two Arrested In LockBit Ransomware Gang Takedown

Two LockBit actors arrested in Poland and Ukraine as UK NCA-led Operation Cronos takes down international ransomware infrastructure

4 months ago

Australian Port Operator Resumes Operations After Cyber-Attack

Major Australian port operator resumes operations on Monday morning after cyber-attack closed four ports over the weekend

7 months ago

EncroChat Shutdown Results In Thousands Of Arrests

Europol says 2020 takedown of EncroChat has so far resulted in 6,558 arrests worldwide, including nearly 200 high value targets

12 months ago

Amazon Uses AI To Track Down Fake Reviews

Amazon introduces new AI tools to track down fake reviews, tests generative AI to summarise users' comments

1 year ago

BBC, Boots, British Airways Hit By Mass Hack

BBC, Boots, British Airways on growing list of companies affected by hack last week of US data-transfer software used around…

1 year ago

Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Warns Over AI Misuse

AI is likely to be misused by 'bad actors' to spread fraud and misinformation and must be regulated, says Apple…

1 year ago

Banks Warn Of Sharp Rise In Online Fraud

Banks warn of surging fake sale listings, impersonation and investment scams with many scams originating on social media

1 year ago

Murdered Tech Executive Knew His Alleged Killer, Say Police

Cash App founder Bob Lee apparently knew the suspect in his stabbing death, police in San Francisco have said

1 year ago

Man Charged With Selling Fake Cisco Equipment

Man arrested in Florida and charged with importing counterfeit Cisco networking equipment into the United States, worth an estimated $1…

2 years ago

Arson Damages Part Of Openreach Network In Kent

Not again. UK carrier Openreach confirms 7,400 premises impacted by malicious damage to its network, caused by an arson attack…

2 years ago

Gunmen Hold Hostages At Apple Store In Amsterdam

Apple store hostage drama in Holland, as suspected gunmen takes hostage in Amsterdam Apple Store, amid reports of foiled robbery

2 years ago

Mafia Fugitive Captured After 20 Years, Thanks To Google Street View

Italian police arrest a leading mafia fugitive in Spain after he spent 20 years on the run, thanks to an…

2 years ago

UK Police Forces Seize £300m In Cryptocurrencies – Report

New Scientist investigation reveals British police have seized more than £300m in cryptocurrencies during criminal investigations

2 years ago

Sting Operation With Underworld App, Results In Hundreds Of Arrests

Police around the world have arrested more than 800 people after using encrypted messaging app An0m developed by law enforcement

3 years ago

Australian Man Charged Over Falsifying Covid-19 QR Code

South Australian man charged over allegedly covering shop's Covid-19 check-in code with a false one that led users to an…

3 years ago

Turkish Crypto Exchange Boss Flees Country Amidst $2bn Fraud Probe

Chief executive of Turkish cryptocurrency trading platform Thodex flees to Albania as estimated $2bn in investors' assets reportedly lost

3 years ago

Man Shot Dead In YouTube ‘Prank’

A 'prank' robbery filmed in the United States for a YouTube video, reportedly results in a 20-year old man being…

3 years ago

US Government Seizes $1bn In Silk Road Bitcoins

US investigators seize more than $1bn in Bitcoin from account linked to Silk Road online black marketplace, the largest Bitcoin…

4 years ago

Police ‘Crack’ EncroChat Encryption, Resulting In Hundreds Of Arrests

Organised crime around Europe has been dealt a huge blow after authorities cracked the encryption of a messaging system used…

4 years ago

Rakuten Takes Applications Ahead Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch

Rakuten Wallet is one of several major crypto-asset platforms arriving in Japan in the coming weeks, even as authorities battle…

5 years ago

German States Approve Criminal Law Targeting Dark Web Infrastructure

The proposal would hand prison sentences to those whose dark web platforms are used for criminal purposes

5 years ago

Cryptocurrency Crime Losses Surge By 400 Percent

Scams and fraud involving cryptocurrencies rose to £1.3bn last year – in spite of an 80 percent drop in crypto-asset…

5 years ago

Cyber-Crime Losses Soar To £34.6m In Second Half Of 2018

More than 13,000 people reported falling victim to cyber-crime in the latter part of the year, as hackers target email…

5 years ago

IT Life: Jamie Hutton, Quantexa

Quantexa chief technology officer Jamie Hutton talks about artificial intelligence, international money laundering, and his favourite DJ app

5 years ago

Quora Mega-Breach Could Open Users To Targeted Scams

The hack exposed personal data on 100 million users, as well as information from linked accounts such as Google, Facebook…

6 years ago