US Watchdog Asks Tesla Why No Recall Over Autopilot Change

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration questions lack of recall of Tesla's Autopilot, amid official investigation of the driver assistance system

3 months ago

Texas Police Officers Sue Tesla, Allege Autopilot Is Unsafe

Lawsuit in Texas against Tesla raises Autopilot safety concerns again, after Model X crashed into two police cruisers

4 months ago

Tesla Crash In China Kills Policeman – Report

Car maker Tesla says it will fully co-operate with authorities, after two police officers were reportedly struck by a Model…

8 months ago

NTSB Reveals Preliminary Findings On Fatal Tesla Crash

Federal agency investigating 'driverless' Tesla car crash that killed two men, says Autosteer was unlikely to have been operating

8 months ago

Telsa Executives Says Fatal ‘Driverless’ Crash Had Driver

Tesla contradicts official investigators and insist deformed steering wheel shows someone was behind the wheel at fatal crash

9 months ago

Tesla ‘Easily Tricked’ Into Driving Without Driver, Consumer Reports Finds

As official investigations continue, Consumer Reports warns Tesla cars can easily be tricked into driving without anyone in the driver's…

9 months ago

Two People Die As Tesla With No Driver Crashes

Autopillot abuse? Tesla car crash in Texas kills two passengers, with police reporting that no one was actually in the…

9 months ago

Facebook Code Changes Crashes Dozens Of iOS Apps – Again

Popular iPhone and iPad apps such as Spotify, Tinder, TikTok and Waze offline for hours after Facebook makes changes to…

2 years ago

Android Phones Bricked By Picturesque Wallpaper Of A Lake

Idyllic photo of a mountain lake surrounded by trees actually bricks Android phones, and in some cases only a factory…

2 years ago

New Tesla Fatal Accident To Be Investigated

Tesla vehicle allegedly may have been on autopilot when it ran a red light at the weekend and killed two…

2 years ago

Tesla To Be Investigated After Police Car Crash

US government agency confirms it will investigate crash last week that saw a Tesla on autopilot rear end a stationary…

2 years ago

Autopilot Tesla Crashes Into Police Car

Tesla Model 3 in autopilot self-driving mode crashes into stationary police car in the US, as driver was occupied checking…

2 years ago

Tesla Model 3 Explodes After Moscow Motorway Crash

Vehicle catches on fire in heavy traffic after collision with stationary tow truck on Moscow ring road, in latest safety…

2 years ago

Swiss Post Suspends Drone Delivery Trials Following Crash

Tests of drone-based medical delivery system halted after delivery drone's parachute malfunctions, causing it to crash 50 yards from group…

2 years ago

Tesla Shares Plunge Amidst Federal Probes, Credit Downgrade

Two US federal agencies have sent teams to investigate a fatal California highway crash and the vehicle fire that followed

4 years ago

Apple Works To Fix Telegu Character Bug That Crashes iPhones

Not again. Fix on the way to stop iPhones crashing due to an Indian language Telegu character

4 years ago

iPhones Vulnerable To ‘Text Bomb’ Crash Bug

Latest security bug is a simple message, which typically causes an iPhone to crash or restart

4 years ago

Apple Sued Over FaceTime Car Crash

American parents sue Apple after a driver killed their child, whilst using FaceTime app

5 years ago

Apple iPhone Users Beware Of ‘Prank’ Video

Another iOS flaw...seemingly innocent video crashes all Apple iPhones, forcing hard reboot

5 years ago

Tech Support Scam Uses Fake ‘Blue Screen Of Death’

New malware scam urges users to call a number when confronted with a fake blue screen of death

5 years ago

Delta Resumes Flights Following Computer Glitch

The airline had grounded all flights around the world following a computer system outage

5 years ago

‘Register To Vote’ Website Buckles Under Surge Of EU Referendum Voters

But Cameron urges unregistered voters to keep trying as deadline expires

6 years ago

IRS Restores Systems After Hardware Fault

Oh joy. Processing of tax returns resumes for Americans after a mystery IRS system outage on Thursday

6 years ago

Skype Fixes Text Chat Bug That Causes Perpetual Crashes

Update remedies nasty URL fault in IM chats that caused Skype clients to crash

7 years ago

Twitter Says Sorry After Another Outage

Twitter says sorry after its network crashes again on Tuesday, just days after another outage

8 years ago

NSA Trawls Crash Data For App Vulnerabilities – Report

The NSA reportedly monitors data from application crashes in order to pinpoint vulnerabilities

8 years ago

Study: iPhones Crash More Than Android

Apple's iOS devices crashed more often than Google's Android in November and December, but the 'Ice Cream Sandwich' update may…

10 years ago

UCAS Website Back Online After Crash

The UCAS Track website is now back online, after an agonising period of down time on A-Level results day

10 years ago

Skype Suffers Another Embarrassing Crash

Skype has crashed once again, leading to fresh questions over its reliability as a communication tool

11 years ago

Skype Services Crash Around The World

Skype users around the world are currently unable to log on and make calls using the VoIP service

11 years ago