YouTube To Remove False Cancer Treatment Claims

Doesn't already do this? YouTube updates its medical misinformation policy and starts removing false claims about cancer treatment

10 months ago

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Harder To Find, Warns Best Buy CEO

Best Buy CEO warns iPhone 14 Pro models will be hard to find in US stores this holiday season, amid…

2 years ago

Apple Adds Second Firm For India iPhone 14 Production – Report

Pegatron begins assembling Apple iPhone 14 handsets in India, following Chinese lockdown of world's largest iPhone factory

2 years ago

Covid Research Remains Prime Target For Cyberattacks – NCSC

Latest review of the UK's cyber landscape reveals record number of cyberattacks, with Covid vaccine research remaining a prime target

3 years ago

Amazon Fined $500,000 Over Covid Notification Mistakes

California forces Amazon to pay $500,000, alleging it failed to “adequately notify” workers and health authorities about new Covid-19 cases

3 years ago

YouTube ‘Terminates’ RT German Channels, Russia Threatens Retaliation

Russia threatens retaliation after German YouTube channels belonging to Russia's RT were deleted for Covid misinformation breaches

3 years ago

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene, Again

Third suspension from Twitter for Republican far-right conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene, who tweeted misinformation about Covid vaccines

3 years ago

Microsoft Criticised For ‘Workplace Surveillance’ Feature

Microsoft 365 Productivity Score feature, introduced last month, criticised for analysing 'extensive data' on individual employees' activities

4 years ago

Facebook Removes Thousands Of Illegal UK Ads

Facebook removes more than 2,000 ads exploiting health fears and selling dubious Covid-19 cures in first half of 2020 as…

4 years ago