court order

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Sentenced To Four Months In Prison

US judge sentences Binance founder, Changpeng Zhao, to four months in prison for ignoring money laundering on his platform

4 weeks ago

NSO Ordered To Hand Over Spyware Code To WhatsApp

US Judge orders spyware firm NSO Group to hand over Pegasus code to Meta's WhatsApp as part of the ongoing…

3 months ago

Russian Court Orders Arrest Of Meta Spokesman

Empty threat? Court in Moscow orders arrest in absentia of Meta spokesman Andy Stone, over terrorism-related charges

3 months ago

Elon Musk Ordered To Testify In SEC Twitter Takeover Probe

SEC doubles down and orders Elon Musk to testify again, for investigation of his $44 billion Twitter purchase

3 months ago

US Supreme Court Snubs Apple App Store Appeal

Highest court in the United States declines to hear Apple appeal of lower court ruling in antitrust case from Epic…

4 months ago

SEC Seeks To Force Elon Musk Testimony Over Twitter Purchase

US regulator sues Elon Musk, alleging he didn’t comply with federal subpoena to testify on 15 September in Twitter purchase…

8 months ago

Megaupload Staff Jailed For Role In Kim Dotcom Business

Two executives of banned file storage site Megaupload have been sentenced to prison, after agreeing to testify against Kim Dotcom

12 months ago

Judge Grants FTC Injunction To Temporarily Block Microsoft-Activision Deal

Temporary restraining order by US regulator to prevent Microsoft's acquisition of Activision, is granted by US judge

12 months ago

Bail Rescinded For Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon

Higher court in Montenegro rescinds 800,000 euro bail for Do Kwon due to flight risk concerns, after US and South…

1 year ago

Court Grants Twitter Subpoena To Identify Source Code Leaker

Hunting the leaker. Twitter's request to identify GitHub user who uploaded its source code has been approved by a US…

1 year ago

Court Dismisses Gamers Lawsuit Over Microsoft Activision Purchase

US federal court dismisses lawsuit from gamers over Microsoft's $69 billion proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard

1 year ago

Google Ordered To Pay $43m By Australian Court

Search engine Google fined $43 million by Australian court for tracking Android users location data for two years in 2017…

2 years ago

Facebook At Centre Of US Teenager Home Abortion Case

Court documents show Facebook provided police in the US state of Nebraska with a teenager's private chats about her at…

2 years ago

Tesla Ordered To Refund Customer Over Autopilot Problems

Court in Germany orders Tesla to refund a customer thousands of dollars over problems with Autopilot driver's assistance system

2 years ago

IBM Ordered To Turn Over Ginny Rometty Emails In Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Big Blue ordered to hand over internal emails of former CEO Ginny Rometty and IBM executives, which discuss efforts to…

2 years ago

NSO Boss To Be Questioned By Spanish Judge Over Spyware Claim

Spain's High Court on Tuesday called for CEO of Israel's NSO to testify in case about Pegasus spying on Spanish…

2 years ago

Tesla, Elon Musk Accuse SEC Of ‘Unrelenting Harassment’

Letter to US judge overseeing 2018 settlement with the SEC, alleges the US financial regulator is harassing Tesla and Elon…

2 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Granted Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Woman allegedly threatened, harassed, trespassed and stalked Apple's Tim Cook for more than a year, and claimed to be his…

2 years ago

LinkedIn Overcharging Lawsuit Dismissed By US Judge

Lawsuit alleging Microsoft's LinkedIn division had inflated its advertising metrics for video ads watched is dismissed by US judge

2 years ago

Samsung Barred From Importing Smartphones Into Russia

Russian court bans Samsung Electronics from importing and selling 61 models of smartphones in Russia over IP lawsuit concerning Samsung…

3 years ago

Former Post Office Boss Apologises After Horizon Scandal

Fallout continues after Horizon IT scandal, with the former Post Office chief executive stepping down from other executive roles

3 years ago

Qualcomm Ordered To Hand Over Data To EU Antitrust Regulators

Europe's top court orders Qualcomm to hand over data to EU officials, after US firm objected saying EU was exceeding…

3 years ago

Apple Loses Corellium Lawsuit

US judges dismisses Apple copyright infringement claim against Corellium, but iPad maker may pursue separate federal law claim

3 years ago

White House Appeals Judge’s TikTok Ruling

Trump administration has appealed a judge's decision to block US attempts to place tough restrictions on ByteDance's TikTok

3 years ago

California Asks Court To Force Amazon To Comply With Coronavirus Probe

Attorney General asks court to force Amazon to co-operate with state investigation into its handling of Covid-19 pandemic

3 years ago

Second Judge Blocks US Commerce Dept TikTok Restrictions

Good news for ByteDance, as second judge grants injunction against US Commerce Department restrictions what would have effectively banned TikTok…

3 years ago

Swedish Regulator To Challenge Court Order On Huawei Ban

After Huawei wins court appeal against Swedish telecom watchdog's exclusion for 5G, the watchdog confirms it will challenge it

4 years ago

Germany Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian Hacker Of Bundestag

GRU Officer Dmitry Badin, who is also wanted in the US for hacking Hillary Clinton's emails, is now wanted by…

4 years ago

NSO Asks US Court To Sanction Facebook Over Lawsuit

NSO alleges Facebook failed to follow 'international law', after the Israeli firm failed to show up in US court to…

4 years ago