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Tesla, Elon Musk Accuse SEC Of ‘Unrelenting Harassment’

Letter to US judge overseeing 2018 settlement with the SEC, alleges the US financial regulator is harassing Tesla and Elon…

3 months ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Granted Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Woman allegedly threatened, harassed, trespassed and stalked Apple's Tim Cook for more than a year, and claimed to be his…

4 months ago

LinkedIn Overcharging Lawsuit Dismissed By US Judge

Lawsuit alleging Microsoft's LinkedIn division had inflated its advertising metrics for video ads watched is dismissed by US judge

5 months ago

Samsung Barred From Importing Smartphones Into Russia

Russian court bans Samsung Electronics from importing and selling 61 models of smartphones in Russia over IP lawsuit concerning Samsung…

7 months ago

Former Post Office Boss Apologises After Horizon Scandal

Fallout continues after Horizon IT scandal, with the former Post Office chief executive stepping down from other executive roles

1 year ago

Qualcomm Ordered To Hand Over Data To EU Antitrust Regulators

Europe's top court orders Qualcomm to hand over data to EU officials, after US firm objected saying EU was exceeding…

1 year ago

Apple Loses Corellium Lawsuit

US judges dismisses Apple copyright infringement claim against Corellium, but iPad maker may pursue separate federal law claim

1 year ago

White House Appeals Judge’s TikTok Ruling

Trump administration has appealed a judge's decision to block US attempts to place tough restrictions on ByteDance's TikTok

1 year ago

California Asks Court To Force Amazon To Comply With Coronavirus Probe

Attorney General asks court to force Amazon to co-operate with state investigation into its handling of Covid-19 pandemic

1 year ago

Second Judge Blocks US Commerce Dept TikTok Restrictions

Good news for ByteDance, as second judge grants injunction against US Commerce Department restrictions what would have effectively banned TikTok…

1 year ago

Swedish Regulator To Challenge Court Order On Huawei Ban

After Huawei wins court appeal against Swedish telecom watchdog's exclusion for 5G, the watchdog confirms it will challenge it

2 years ago

Germany Issues Arrest Warrant For Russian Hacker Of Bundestag

GRU Officer Dmitry Badin, who is also wanted in the US for hacking Hillary Clinton's emails, is now wanted by…

2 years ago

NSO Asks US Court To Sanction Facebook Over Lawsuit

NSO alleges Facebook failed to follow 'international law', after the Israeli firm failed to show up in US court to…

2 years ago

NSO Fails To Appear In Court After WhatsApp Lawsuit

NSO Group fails to show up in US court to contest WhatsApp spyware lawsuit, despite promising to 'vigorously fight' Facebook's…

2 years ago

Facebook Ordered To Unlock NSO Staffer Account

WhatsApp hack development. Israeli court orders Facebook to unblock a personal account belonging to an employee at NSO Group

2 years ago

Amazon Asks US Court To Bar Microsoft From JEDI Contract

Restraining order. Amazon AWS to ask judge to impose temporary block on Microsoft working on Pentagon's JEDI cloud contract

2 years ago

Waymo Awarded $128m Over Staff Move To Uber

Arbitrators award Waymo $128 million over Uber's use of stolen technology after employee defection to rival driverless car division

2 years ago

Judge Orders IBM To Hand Over Documents In Age Discrimination Case

Big Blue CEO Ginni Rometty ordered to hand over memos as part of age discrimination lawsuit

3 years ago

Kim Dotcom Makes Final Plea To Avoid Extradition To US

New Zealand's highest court has begun hearing final bid to halt extradition of Kim Dotcom to the US

3 years ago

Chelsea Manning Jailed Again For Wikileaks Testimony Refusal

As expected Manning jailed again for up to 18 months for her refusal to testify for Wikileaks investigation

3 years ago

WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchins Loses Evidence Bid

“I was intoxicated” claim by Marcus Hutchins during FBI interview dismissed by American court

3 years ago

Qualcomm Raises Bond To Halt iPhone Sales In Germany

Apple ordered to remove iPhone 7 and 8 models from sale in Germany after Qualcomm court ruling

3 years ago

Russian Court Orders Ban On Telegram Messaging App

But will it work? Russian court orders telecom firms to block Telegram messaging app in Russia

4 years ago

Facebook Search Warrant Appeal Thrown Out By US Court

Facebook challenge to bulk search warrants for customer accounts dismissed by New York court

5 years ago

Google Vows To Fight After Being Ordered To Hand Over Foreign Emails

'We will appeal,' says Google after latest round of tech vs government court battles

5 years ago

Israeli Firm Cellebrite To Help FBI Crack Encrypted iPhone – Report

The "third party" to help FBI crack the San Bernardino iPhone is reportedly Israeli forensic specialist Cellebrite

6 years ago

Apple Tells US Court FBI Request Violates Free Speech

The iPad maker asks court to reserve its order to help the FBI hack into the iPhone of a terrorist…

6 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook: FBI Request Would Create ‘Software Equivalent To Cancer’

Apple boss Tim Cook defends his company's stance in TV interview and refuses to create a "dangerous" piece of software

6 years ago

Apple Praised By Google, Damned By Rigby Family For FBI Refusal

Apple criticised for refusal to unlock terrorist phone, but its stance also receives widespread support from rivals

6 years ago

Apple Refuses To Hack Terrorist’s Phone For FBI

Tim Cook says FBI demand sets “a dangerous precedent”, despite handset belonging to San Bernardino terrorist

6 years ago