Man Charged With Selling Fake Cisco Equipment

Man arrested in Florida and charged with importing counterfeit Cisco networking equipment into the United States, worth an estimated $1…

1 month ago

Alibaba Sued For Selling Counterfeit Goods

Chinese e-commerce giant under fire in the US from luxury brands including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent

7 years ago

Police Dismantle Gang Selling Hooky Cisco Gear

You're nicked! Three members of a gang importing and selling counterfeit Cisco products have been arrested

7 years ago

UK ISPs Told To Start Blocking Counterfeit Goods Sites

Landmark decision follows complaint by Cartier and Montblanc owner Richemont

8 years ago

Pirated Software To Cost Businesses £297Bn In 2014

A new report from IDC and Microsoft details the financial cost to businesses when they run pirated software

8 years ago

Europol Seizes 690 Domains In Cyber Monday Crackdown

Cyber Monday sellers pushing counterfeit goods taken offline by Europol and international partners

9 years ago

Police Seize 328 Sites Flogging Counterfeit Goods

Europol and its US partners hit websites selling dodgy gear

9 years ago

US, Europol Seize Domains In Cyber Monday Swoop

Annual Cyber Monday roundup of fraudsters goes global

10 years ago

Montblanc Files Lawsuit Against Google Over Misleading Adverts

German maker of watchesand writing instruments takes Google to court over counterfeiters abusing AdWords program

11 years ago

‘Fake’ Apple Stores Not Just a Chinese Phenomenon

Phoney Apple stores are cropping up around the world, highlighting the scale of the problem facing the brand

11 years ago

Nokia Admits Growing Counterfeit Phone Problem

Nokia has admitted that copycat mobile phones are a growing problem, especially in developing markets

12 years ago

Billions Of Visits To Sophisticated Piracy Websites

A report from MarkMonitor found 43 well-managed digital piracy sites gained over 53 billion visits per year

12 years ago