Clouded II Documentary Reveals the True Cost of the Cloud

Exposing the economic and environmental impacts of cloud technology. Explore the hidden expenses and ecological footprints unearthed by industry experts,…

2 months ago

Meta Shares Plummet Over Costs, Weak Forecast

Investors take fright as Meta's revenues fall for second straight quarter, and warns of more costs ahead, forecasts weak holiday…

2 years ago

Amazon Adds Fuel, Inflation Surcharge To Sellers

US online shoppers could soon face high prices, after Amazon added a 5 percent “fuel and inflation surcharge” to the…

2 years ago

Cybercrime Costs £2.3m Every Minute, RiskIQ Warns

Cost implications of cyber threats revealed after report malicious activity on the internet cost £1.2 trillion last year

5 years ago

Technology Business Management ‘Can Change The Game’ For IT

Digital transformation has elevated IT departments to being central to business success, which means they need to be run differently

7 years ago

Costs Of Cloud Computing At Odds With Growing Complexity

Cloud customers are dealing with confusion over cloud computing costs and the complexity of the services they are paying for

7 years ago

Two Thirds Of Firms Think Storage Cost Is Biggest Data Centre Problem

But just THINK about the revenue benefits from the Big Data explosion that new technologies in the data centre can…

9 years ago

Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Super CIO?

Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of data centre predictive analytics company Romonet, explains what companies will expect from IT managers if they…

9 years ago

Apple iPhone 5 Costs £142 To Build

It costs Apple £123 to £142 to make a single iPhone 5, a teardown by IHS iSuppli has revealed

12 years ago

Hackers For Hire At Bargain Prices

The cost of hiring a hacker is so affordable and effective, it is no wonder the craft is expanding, reveals…

13 years ago

£412 Apple iPhone 4S Parts List Costs £119

Apple's 16GB iPhone 4S only costs £124 to make, including parts and manufacturing costs, says IHS

13 years ago

Ultrabook Partners Look For Cut In Intel Chip Prices

Acer and Compal say again it will be difficult price ultrabooks under $1,000 unless Intel cuts chip prices

13 years ago

Pricey Broadband Stifles Uptake In Developing Nations

Ovum has warned that the high cost of broadband in developing markets has put it out of reach for many

13 years ago

Ofcom To Cut Mobile Termination Rates

Ofcom's decision will mean lower costs for fixed line operators, while mobile carriers will feel the pain

13 years ago

eWEEK Readers Dump Killer e-Waste

Many readers knowingly send old tech to the developing world. Next: tell us your office IT woes

13 years ago