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Google To Pay Millions To Ireland In Back Taxes

Google is to pay £183m in back taxes to the Irish government, in line with its promise to halt the…

2 weeks ago

World Leaders Agree Corporation Tax Rate

Tax loophole finally closed? After years of talks, threats and tariffs, world leaders reach an historic agreement of 15 percent…

2 months ago

EU Halts Digital Tax Plan, Amid Ongoing OECD Effort

After G20 finance ministers agree to international corporate tax system of 15 percent, the EU puts its own digital tax…

5 months ago

US Sets, Then Suspends, 25 Percent Digital Tax Tariff On Six Countries

America sets, then suspends, a 25 percent import tariff on goods from six countries that have implemented a digital tax…

6 months ago

Tech Giants Paid $96 Billion Less Tax Than Stated, Campaigners Allege

Amazon has disputed calculations by the Fair Tax Foundation as “extremely misleading”, after report targets 'Silicon Six'

6 months ago

Amazon Wins Tax Appeal Against European Commission

Europe tax setback? EU's General Court rules the European Commission failed to prove Amazon enjoyed an illegal tax advantage from…

7 months ago

Canada Plans Digital Services Tax In 2022

Despite OECD talks on common approach, Canada becomes latest country to announce its own digital services tax on big tech

1 year ago

France Warns Big Tech To Pay Digital Tax In December

Pay up, pay up. France issues notices to big name tech firms such as Amazon and Facebook, to prepare to…

1 year ago

France Urges EU Digital Tax Rollout

French finance minister says the European Union should ready its own digital tax plans in case OECD negotiations about global…

1 year ago

OECD Tells UK To ‘Hold Fire’ On Digital Tax

British plans to introduce a digital or tech tax in April should be delayed until a global consensus is reached,…

2 years ago

Amazon Tax Pay Reignites Digital Tax Row

Tax dodging accusations fly as Amazon allegedly only paid £62m corporation tax over past 20 years

3 years ago

George Osborne Reveals Corporation Tax Reform

Multinational corporations face tougher rules as the Chancellor signals tax avoidance clampdown

6 years ago

Facebook To Pay Millions More In UK Tax

Sales from big advertisers will no longer will routed through Irish tax haven as pressure mounts on Facebook to pay…

6 years ago

Google’s Europe Boss Fails To Answer MPs Over Salary

Google tax avoidance controversy continues after UK boss tells MPs he does not to know his salary

6 years ago

Apple To Pay £235m To Settle Italian Tax Row – Report

Settles corporate tax row with Italian authorities, and pledges agreement on tax liabilities going forward

6 years ago

Amazon Pays Just £12m Corporation Tax Despite £5.3bn Sales

But the days of tech giants paying low amounts of tax could be numbered

6 years ago

Samsung Heirs Face Colossal Inheritance Tax Bill

The ailing health of Samsung's Group patriarch triggers worry about a very hefty inheritance tax bill

8 years ago

G8 Pledges Action Over Tax Avoidance

G8 leaders vow to crack down on international tax evasion following the Google, Apple, and Amazon accusations

8 years ago

MPs Urge HMRC To Act On Google ‘Tax Avoidance’

Google faces more fierce criticism over its tax affairs from MPs, and government is urged to take proper action

8 years ago

Sophos Explains Its Super-Low Corporation Tax Bill… Why Can’t Symantec?

Sophos explains why it pays so little in corporation tax, but Symantec hasn't opened up. Tom Brewster says they should…

9 years ago