Google Data Centre In London Outage Blamed On Cooling Failure

As the UK temperature soared to a record high on Tuesday, a cooling failure resulted in an outage at a…

4 weeks ago

Microsoft Submerges Servers In Boiling Liquid

Keeping it cool. After submerging a data centre in the North sea, Microsoft now submerges its servers in so called…

1 year ago

Microsoft Sinks Second Data Centre Under The Sea Near Orkney

No more worry about cooling costs, when you sink a data centre deep within the ocean, claims Microsoft

4 years ago

EkkoSense Launches IoT Data Centre Cooling Manager

EkkoAir is attached to a cooling unit allows operators to monitor thermal instabilities in the data centre environment

6 years ago

Dell Brings Water-Cooling System to Hyperscale Data Centers

The company is collaborating with Intel to develop the Triton solution, which is aimed at scale-out data center environments.

6 years ago

Lenovo Boosts Data Centre Power With New Cooling Technology

Work with University of Birmingham could reduce cooling energy by up to 83 percent compared to using air cooling alone

6 years ago

Fujitsu Claims Huge Energy Savings With Liquid Cooling

Good to be green. Fujitsu says its Primergy cooling tech for data centres can halve cooling costs

7 years ago

Liquid Cooling Is Not Rocket Science, Says HP

The most efficient liquid cooling systems use advanced engineering. Peter Judge finds that basic tech can be just as effective

8 years ago

Two-Phase Liquid Cooling Bubbles Up

The boiling coolant in SGI's ICE X supercomputer is a sign to Peter Judge that liquid cooling is still evolving

8 years ago

Liquid Cooling Gets Inside Chips

Researchers at Lausanne's EPFL institute explain how chips can be made more efficient by running liquids through them in tiny…

8 years ago

Rackspace Starts Work On New UK Data Centre

Rackspace's 130,000 sq. foot, ultra-sustainable data centre will be the centrepiece of 15 acre campus in Crawley

8 years ago

Iceotope Raises $10 Million For Liquid Cooling In Data Centres

The tiny start-up from Sheffield is making waves in the liquid cooling market

9 years ago

Here’s a Toast To Liquid Cooling!

Liquid cooling dominates the Green500 list - even though it doesn't full measure efficiency, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Virtus London Data Centre Adopts Predictive Modelling

Predictivie analysis will keep Virtus data centre running smoothly

9 years ago

2MW Schneider Electric Modules Shake Up Data Centre Containers

Modular data centres are more flexible and capable of reaching new power levels, says Schneider Electric

9 years ago

Liquid Cooling Cuts Costs, Heats The Building At Innovation Centre

Iceotope has prepared the facility for the "worst winter in decades"

9 years ago

NEC Says Phase-Change Cooling Cuts Bills

NEC is cooling server racks with fluid that changes to a vapour and back

9 years ago

Let’s Give Some Love To Data Centre Retrofits

Shiny new data centres get the plaudits, but Peter Judge likes retrofits that clean up older sites

9 years ago

Green Mountain Puts Data Centre In NATO’s Norwegian Cave

Military-grade security, efficient energy - and very cheap electricity

9 years ago

Fight Green Fatigue With Numbers

Cutting your energy use can give diminishing returns. The answer is to get actual numbers, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Facebook To Use Chilly Arctic Air For New Data Centre

Facebook has opened its first data centre outside the United States with a green facility in Sweden

9 years ago

CoolEmAll Releases First Data Centre Tools

The European CoolEmAll project to make data centres and IT equipment more efficient has released its first tools

9 years ago

Ten Tips For A Green Data Centre

Is your data centre using more energy than it should do? Chris Preimseberger has some advice for you

10 years ago

Did Google Just Patent Hot Aisle Data Centre Cooling?

Hot aisle containment is an efficient way to cool your data centre. Peter Judge is intrigued by a Google patent…

10 years ago

Peer 1 Saves With Evaporative Data Centre Cooling

Peer 1 wants a record score for its data centre cooling

10 years ago

Microsoft Takes The Data Centre Naughty Chair

Microsoft got caught burning energy simply to reduce a fine. That's just symptomatic of data centres, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Microsoft Cuts Data Centre Waste Water To Zero

Next on the agenda - getting rid of diesel generators and producing energy on the spot

10 years ago

If We Cool Our Data Centres With Liquid, What Do We Do Next?

Well done Intel for getting a PUE of 1.02, says Peter Judge. Now let's look beyond the PUE measurement for…

10 years ago

Liquid Cooling For Data Centre Servers Passes Intel Tests

Dunking servers in oil doesn't hurt them, Intel says

10 years ago

Hardcore Computer Becomes LiquidCool

Plans to license its liquid submersion technology for servers and supercomputers

10 years ago