UK To Overhaul Data Protection Rules, Targets Cookie Pop-ups

Government to refresh the UK's data protection rules, and poaches New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner to replace outgoing Information Commissioner

3 months ago

Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Removal Until 2023

Google blinks first and delays Chrome’s plan to phase out support for third-party cookies until 2023, citing need to work…

6 months ago

UK Watchdog Agrees ‘Oversight’ On Google’s Cookie Removal

Unhappy advertiser complaint sees CMA taking a key oversight role over Google’s planned removal of third-party cookies (i.e. its Privacy…

6 months ago

Google Tracking Of Safari Users, Heads To UK Supreme Court

Ten years after it emerged Google had tracked Safari users browser history, the landmark case is to go before the…

7 months ago

Google ‘Set To Roll Out’ Ad Tracker Blocking In Chrome

The move could help Google improve its privacy image – while at the same time giving it an advantage over…

3 years ago

Yahoo Woes Continue As Hackers Access 32 Million Accounts Using Forged Cookies

Yahoo regulatory filing reveals continued impacts of mass security failings

5 years ago

EU Privacy Proposal Demands User Consent

Do not track unless the user has consented, could present headaches for Facebook and Google

5 years ago

Cheap ‘Poison Tap’ Tool Hacks Locked Computers

Unattended password-protected or locked PCs or Macs can be hacked with a simple $5 device

5 years ago

Belgian Appeal Strikes Down Facebook Privacy Ruling

The appeal annuls a ruling that had prompted Facebook to block access to its Belgian site for non-users

5 years ago

Facebook Backs Down In Cookie Row With Belgian Watchdog

Facebook blinks first in bitter clash Belgian Privacy Watchdog over user tracking cookies

6 years ago

How To Explain Cookies To A Five-year-old

The definitive definition of cookies from the experts for the kids (and grown ups, too)

6 years ago

Google: We Should Not Be Subject To British Privacy Law

Google said to have made claim in defending itself against circumvention of Apple Safari cookie protections

8 years ago

Twitter Toying With Tailored Ads

Twitter is doing what Facebook does, but with an added dose of privacy

8 years ago

Half Of UK Organisations Ignore The Cookie Law

A year after it was introduced, the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications still doesn’t bother Britain

9 years ago

Web Firm Provokes ICO Over ‘Ridiculous’ Cookie Law

Cookie law sends firm cookie as it asks ICO to sue it for breaching the regulation

9 years ago

Google FTC Fine Hits Record Of £14m

Google guilty of tricking Safari users into accepting tracking cookies

9 years ago

FTC Agrees £14m Fine For Google Over Apple Safari

The FTC has approved a fine of $22.5 million against Google over claims it breached Apple Safari users’ privacy

9 years ago

EU Takes Five Countries To Court Over Cookie Law

Massive fines are threatening Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia

10 years ago

ICO Receives 64 Cookie Complaints In Three Days

The ICO confirms 64 complaints have been made over cookies, just two days after the law was enforced

10 years ago

ICO’s Cookie Law Advice May Make Life Easier For Websites

The ICO offers more promotion of the implied consent method for cookie law compliance, as concerns over confusion mount

10 years ago

Government Proves Cookie Law Is Cuckoo

The cookie law is crazy, as the government has shown by saying it hasn't bothered to get compliant, argues Tom…

10 years ago

Cookies Must Crumble Before May Is Out

The ICO deadline for cookie compliance is upon us but there is little evidence of action and fines could mount…

10 years ago

Webpages Contain 14 Cookies Each

A month before the cookie laws come into force, research shows there are plenty of trackers running on businesses' websites

10 years ago

KPMG: 95 Percent of Businesses Not Cookie Law Compliant

The cookie laws are coming, but not many businesses seem to care

10 years ago

Cory Doctorow: How Privacy Can Make Money

Privacy is a business opportunity, given the right technology foundations, says science fiction writer and activist Cory Doctorow

10 years ago

Google Thrown To The Watchdog Lions Over Safari

Google is bracing itself for massive fines from US and EU authorities over its circumvention of Apple's Safari browser protection

10 years ago

Google Says Microsoft’s IE9 Privacy Policy Is Broken

Google doesn't follow P3P, but then nor does anyone else, says Google's communications vice president

10 years ago

Microsoft Says Google Bypassed IE9 Privacy Settings Too

Microsoft says that Safari was not the only browser that Google tricked into accepting cookies

10 years ago

Congressmen Ask FTC To Investigate Google Over Safari Tracking

Google says it is working to remove cookies “inadvertently” set on Safari users’ systems

10 years ago