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UK’s Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps To Share Data

Data sharing agreement for the UK's three different Covid-19 contact tracing apps, will see them share infection data between them

2 days ago

NHS Covid-19 Tracing App Launches, But Not On Older iPhones

Coronavirus contact tracing app for people in England and Wales finally available for download, but it won't work on older…

1 month ago

England, Wales Contact Tracing App To Launch On 24 September

The Government has confirmed it will release its delayed contact tracing app for England and Wales on Thursday 24 September

2 months ago

Coronavirus: Scotland Launches Covid-19 Contact Tracing App

Scottish government makes its Coronavirus contact tracing app (Protect Scotland) live as it tries to slow Covid-19 infections

2 months ago

Apple, Google Offer Covid-19 Contact Tracing

No need for official government app! Apple and Google to roll-out built-in Covid-19 exposure notifications to smartphones

2 months ago

British Covid-19 Tracing App Adopts Google, Apple Approach

NHS is abandoning its centralised approach and will instead adopt the Google-Apple decentralised model for the delayed Coronavirus tracing app

4 months ago

NHS Contact Tracing App Ready By End Of June

Bit on the late side? With new Coronavirus infections falling, the NHS contact-tracing app should be in place at the…

5 months ago

Coronavirus: France Approves Contact Tracing App

French minister defends centralised approach of its Covid-19 contact-tracing app, citing the French and UK's nuclear deterrent

5 months ago

Coronavirus: Apple, Google Release Contact Tracing API

Both firms say 22 countries and a number of US states have requested to use the contact-tracing API for their…

5 months ago

Coronavirus: NHS Contact Tracing App Has Flaws, Aussie Researchers Warn

Security flaws in the NHS coronavirus contact-tracing app could pose risk to user privacy, as the NCSC promises to fix…

5 months ago

Coronavirus Tracing Apps Must Not Be Used For Surveillance, Says EU

EU officials warn member states that Covid-19 tracing apps must not be used for 'mass surveillance' and need to be…

6 months ago

Coronavirus: NHS Publishes Source Code Of Contact-Tracing App

Nothing to hide. The NHS has released the source code of its contact-tracing app, as its trial in the Isle…

6 months ago

Coronavirus: Government Grants GCHQ Access To NHS IT

Fresh twist in privacy debate surrounding Covid-19 tracing app, after government reportedly grants GCHQ access to security data of NHS…

6 months ago

Coronavirus: British Covid-19 Tracing App Ready In 3 Weeks

The NHS confirms its coronavirus tracing app will be ready in two to three weeks, but concerns remain over its…

6 months ago

NHS Says Trust ‘Crucial’ For Virus Contact-Tracing App

NHSX 'prioritising' privacy in development of coronavirus contact-tracing scheme, whose decentralised approach contrasts to that of France and Germany

6 months ago