CES 2022: Microsoft Follows Others And Pulls Physical Attendance

Software giant Microsoft joins other big names in the tech industry and withdraws its physical presence from the upcoming CES…

8 months ago

Amazon’s Head Of Consumer Heads For Retirement

Jeff Wilke is to retire from the company next year after 22 years with Amazon, leading its worldwide e-commerce and…

2 years ago

CES 2020: 8K Televisions, Virtual Assistants On Display At Tech Show

Samsung and others show off massive 8K televisions, as virtual assistants make their way into electric vehicles and showerheads

3 years ago

5G: The Connected Consumer

What will 5G mean to consumers? Will we enter a world where digital communications have no limits? How do the…

3 years ago

Facebook Changes User Terms Under Pressure From European Commission

The changes for the first time clearly spell out Facebook's business model of selling user data for use in targeted…

3 years ago

Samsung Keeps Smartphone Lead As Apple Suffers Poorest Quarter

Samsung ships 77 million smartphones, but Apple hit by 15 percent decline

6 years ago

Microsoft ‘Preparing’ To Launch Surface All-In-One PC

Reports suggest an AIO PC to rival the iMac could be released as early as Q3 and Microsoft vies to…

6 years ago

Consumers Are ‘Confused’ About Security And Privacy Priorities

Consumers are deeply conflicted over national security versus privacy, but still willing to share data with social networks

6 years ago

Huawei Revenue Booms 37 Percent As Company Strengthens In Europe

Huawei's net profit up 33 percent year-over-year as growing IT division and smartphone sales reap rewards

6 years ago

Nokia Launches £40,000 Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia Technologies unveils professional OZO virtual reality experience camera for Europe

6 years ago

Microsoft Targets Consumers With New Office 365

Microsoft is hoping consumers will be willing to pay £6 a month to access its new cloud-friendly version of Office

10 years ago

Five Successful Consumer Big Data Applications

Mark Young rounds up five popular everyday big data applications and asks what inspiration businesses might be able to take…

10 years ago

BlackBerry’s Consumer Exit That Never Was

RIM is not abandoning consumers. Its plan to ride BYOD back into the enterprise may not work, but it is…

10 years ago

Survey Says UK Businesses Must Embrace Social Media

Reluctant UK companies must cave to pressure and opt-in as social media blossoms in 2012, says KPMG

11 years ago

IDC Warns Of Slowing Demand For PCs

PC sales will slow in 2011 on the back of slowing consumer demand, market researcher IDC has warned

11 years ago

Restructuring Moves As Hard Times Hit HP And Cisco

HP and Cisco are both hoping to revive business results. Unlike Cisco, HP will rely on services rather than job…

11 years ago

Dell Introduces Inspiron Duo Multi-Function Tablet

Dell's Windows 7 Inspiron Duo tablet transforms from a laptop into a media tablet or movie screen

12 years ago