Alan Turing £50 Bank Note Enters Circulation

New £50 polymer bank note bearing the photo of WW2 codebreaker and computing and AI pioneer Alan Turing enters circulation

5 months ago

Computing In English Schools In Sharp Decline – Report

Schools in England are cutting back the hours teaching computing, and fewer pupils are achieving ICT qualifications

3 years ago

Microsoft Azure Diary: Azure Confidential Computing Encrypts Data In Use

AZURE NEWS: Microsoft's new security features are a 'first' for the public cloud

4 years ago

NASA Wants Help From Coders To Speed Up Old Software

Entrants will be given the code to analyse and search for bottlenecks

5 years ago

Girls In ICT Day: Gender Bias Holds Back British Girls From Careers In Tech

Parents still think IT coding skills are more suitable for boys than girls

5 years ago

HPE Gives Open-Source Developers Early Access To The Machine

The tech vendor wants developers to start developing code for the Machine, a system officials say will fundamentally change data…

5 years ago

BBC Micro Bit Delayed Again

Pocket-sized computer hopes to teach schoolchildren coding skills

6 years ago

AI Will Be The Future, Says Android Creator

Andy Rubin says he is optimistic about artificial intelligence and doesn't share fears of possible Skynet scenario

6 years ago

AMD Denies It Is Splitting Up

Spinning off part of chip business could help it take on rivals such as Intel, but AMD says no plans…

6 years ago

Google’s $100 Chromebit Will Turn Any Display Into A Computer

Asus-built plug-and-play device brings improved portability and mobility for all

7 years ago

Dell, Intel, University Of Cambridge Send High Performance Computing Into Freak Mode

Their data analytics and cloud platforms for industrial workloads are helping scientists to cure diseases and examine the beginning of…

7 years ago

Met Office Promises More Reliable Forecasts Thanks To New £97m Supercomputer

New Cray CX40 system will be 13 times more powerful than its predecessor

7 years ago

Not Enough Teachers Will Know Code By September

Several private sector initiatives are trying to make up for the lack of teacher training

7 years ago

Microsoft Promises To Take Legal Advice Before Reading Hotmail Accounts

New rules come after the company allegedly read the email account of an ex-employee suspected of leaking Microsoft secrets

8 years ago

Ex-Microsoft Employee Arrested, Charged With Stealing Windows Secrets

Alex Kibkalo allegedly passed on secrets concerning various Microsoft projects to an unnamed blogger

8 years ago

IBM Considering Sale Of Semiconductor Business – Report

Goldman Sachs reportedly called in to examine possibility of sale

8 years ago