computer hacking

Pharma Giant Bayer ‘Contains’ Cyber Attack

German firm detected hacker code and covertly monitored it for over a year, before clearing it from network

3 years ago

Wikileaks Reveals CIA Tool To Hack ‘Air Bridged’ Computers

"Brutal Kangaroo” tool used by US spooks to hack into computers not connected to the Internet

5 years ago

Free Hacking Tools Lure Teenagers Into Cybercrime

Easy to use and free hacking tools are pulling young people into a life of cybercrime, claims NCA

5 years ago

10 Hacker Horror Stories

To mark Friday the 13th, we've put together ten of the most horrifying hacker stories from history.

7 years ago

Syrian Electronic Army Returns With Newspaper Hack

The pro-Assad hacker group SEA strikes back with a hack against a number of Western media websites

8 years ago

Bitcoin Exhange Website Slaps 100 BTC Bounty On Hacker refuses to be bullied by blackmailers

8 years ago

Chinese Internet Chief Hits Back At US Hacking Accusations

A top Chinese official says it is the US that is doing the hacking, and claims to have “mountains of…

9 years ago

Met Arrests Ex-Times Journalist In Computer Hacking Investigation

Former Times journalist and Guardian and Telegraph freelancer arrested

10 years ago