Colonial Pipeline

US Government Offers $10m Bounty For Colonial Pipeline Hackers

DarkSide criminals who hacked Colonial Pipeline are firmly in American crosshairs, after $10 million bounty is offered for their ID…

8 months ago

Colonial Pipeline Admits Ransomware Attack Stole Personal Data

US pipeline operator confirms devastating ransomware attack in May, also resulted in theft of personal information of nearly 6,000 people

11 months ago

JBS Paid $11 Million To REvil Ransomware Criminals

Not again. Brazilian beef supplier JBS confirms reports that it paid $11 million ransom to Russian Revil criminal hackers

1 year ago

DoJ Recovers Most Of Colonial Pipeline Ransom

Follow the money. US Dept of Justice has seized most of the ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline to DarkSide ransomware…

1 year ago

US To Issue Cyber Protection Rules For Pipelines After Colonial Hack

Amid Colonial Pipeline hack fallout, US DHS issues cyber protection rules for American pipelines to safeguard critical infrastructure

1 year ago

Insurance Firm CNA Pays $40m To Ransomware Criminals

When it will end? One of the largest insurance firms in the United States has reportedly paid hackers a staggering…

1 year ago

Experts Call For Coordinated Response To Cyber-Attacks

International law-enforcement and cyber-security groups call lack of coordination a 'ticking time-bomb' affecting globalised supply chains

1 year ago

Colonial Pipeline CEO Confirms Ransom Payment

Despite paying the ransom to cyber criminals, some internal Colonial Pipeline systems are still reportedly not functioning

1 year ago

Elliptic Tracks Bitcoin Wallet Used For Ransom Paid by Colonial Pipeline

Bitcoin wallet used by DarkSide to receive ransom payments has been identified by Elliptic, and it revealed criminals had received…

1 year ago

Colonial Pipeline Paid Ransomware Criminals $5m – Report

Multiple US media outlets report that DarkSide criminal gang has been paid $5 million after devastating Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

1 year ago

Colonial Pipeline Posted Security Job Before Ransomware Attack

Posting for security manager job at Colonial Pipeline was made weeks before devastating ransomware attack on major US pipeline

1 year ago