Amazon Challenges £28m French Fine Over Worker Monitoring

Amazon challenges 32m euro fine from France's data protection agency over 'excessive' monitoring of warehouse staff

3 months ago

France Fines Amazon 32m Euros Over ‘Excessive’ Worker Surveillance

French data protection regulator fines Amazon 32m euros over 'excessive' worker monitoring, including alerts after 10 minutes of inactivity

5 months ago

France Upholds Record Google Data Protection Fine

French court upholds earlier £45m penalty on Google for failing to obtain Android users' consent to use their personal data…

4 years ago

Google Slapped With 50m Euro GDPR Penalty

Ouch! GDPR begins to bite as French regulator issues £44m GDPR fine to Google for data transparency breach

5 years ago

French Watchdog Finds WhatsApp-Facebook Data Sharing Illegal

The CNIL has given WhatsApp and Facebook one month to bring themselves into compliance with French data protection law or…

7 years ago

Google Gets French Deadline Over Privacy Issues

Google and five other European countries are threatening Google with sizeable fines over its failure to amend its policies on…

11 years ago

Google Threatened With Sanctions Over Privacy Policy In Europe

Tech titan facing punishment from EU privacy regulators if it doesn't comply to a list of demands within three months

11 years ago

UK And EU Watchdogs Launch Probes Into Google Privacy Policy

ICO and others initiate action after French regulator says Google is not complying

11 years ago

RSA 2013: Google Blasts ‘Dishonest And Misguided’ Privacy Criticism

Google's privacy lawyer tells us Microsoft's "Scroogled" attack on Gmail privacy policy is "intellectually dishonest"

11 years ago

Google Faces Punishment After Failing To Answer European Privacy Regulators

Google's controversial privacy policy could land it with a fine in Europe

11 years ago

Google May Win, Whether Or Not It Bows To EU Privacy Pressure

Changes to Google's privacy policy may come through in response to the EU regulators. But Peter Judge wonders if they…

12 years ago

EU Watchdogs Order Google Privacy ‘Upgrade’

Google has to give users more control, says the EU

12 years ago

EU Watchdogs To Outlaw Google Privacy Policy

Unified Google privacy policy is likely to be found illegal

12 years ago

Facebook Privacy Boosted As French Watchdog Dismisses Message ‘Bug’

French data protection watchdog says claims of a bug revealing private messages on users' walls are nonsense

12 years ago

Google Clashes With French Privacy Regulators

France's CNIL has said the search giant is being uncooperative with investigators in a privacy probe

12 years ago

French Watchdog CNIL To Meet Google Over Privacy

Google is to meet with the French privacy watchdog next week over its controversial new user privacy policy

12 years ago

Google Thrown To The Watchdog Lions Over Safari

Google is bracing itself for massive fines from US and EU authorities over its circumvention of Apple's Safari browser protection

12 years ago