Cloud outage

Amazon Web Services Suffers Another Outage

AWS recovers from a second outage in the space of a week, which impacted services at Netflix, Slack, and Amazon's…

1 month ago

Amazon Prime, Ring Services In US Impacted By AWS Outage

Big name services from Amazon including Prime Video, Ring doorbells and even the Amazon e-commerce websiteetc impacted by Amazon Web…

1 month ago

Fastly Blames Global Outages On Software Bug

Global outage of major websites on Tuesday was caused when an expected customer change, triggered an undiscovered software bug

7 months ago

Amazon Web Services Restored After Outage

Amazon's cloud service on Wednesday suffered a widespread outage impacting parts of the Internet, but normal AWS operations have now…

1 year ago

Microsoft Cloud Services Outage Hits Office 365, Outlook

Cloud services from technology giant Microsoft laid low on Monday evening for a number of hours, by what seems to…

1 year ago

Google Drive Outage In United States

Thousands of Google Drive users across the United States were unable to access the cloud storage platform for a number…

1 year ago

Amazon S3 Cloud Outage Impacts High Profile Websites

A number of well known websites impacted after a partial failure of Amazon's cloud hosting platform

5 years ago

AWS Recovers After Weekend Outage

AWS issue at an East Coast data centre caused weekend disruption for major websites

6 years ago

Fujitsu Suffers ‘Five-Day’ Cloud Outage

Fujitsu's California data centre loses power, knocking out IaaS services as investigation continues

6 years ago

C4L Resolves Service Outage, Blames Software Glitch

'Emergency maintenance' has now been completed after major outage for British data centre

6 years ago

AWS Suffers Another Cloud Outage

AWS EC2 and S3 taken down in US regions as yellow-tick horror shocks GitHub

6 years ago