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OneLogin: Enterprises Will Be Dragged ‘Kicking And Screaming’ To The Cloud

OneLogin CEO says enterprises need to stop 'sticking their heads in the sand' when it comes to cloud

5 years ago

Office 365 Leads G Suite In European Cloud Adoption Surge

Cloud adoption through the likes of Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite is on the rise in Europe, as…

6 years ago

Google Snaps Up API Firm Apigee To Boost Cloud Offering

The buy is aimed at boosting enterprise cloud offerings for web and mobile apps, Google says

6 years ago

2015: Cloudy, With A Chance Of Colocation?

Equinix shares its vision of delivering business applications in the cloud

7 years ago

AWS’s New Lambda Service Automates Compute Resources

AWS-oriented developers will be able to speed along their work a lot more when they get their hands on the…

8 years ago