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Bill Gates Doubts 1.5 Degree Goal Is Achievable, Praises UK Climate Efforts

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates doubts the world can hit goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, but praises…

3 months ago

BT Pledges To Curb Carbon Emissions By 2030

Green pledge. UK telecoms giant BT brings forward its net zero carbon emission target from 2045 to 2030, and sets…

4 months ago

Climate Change: Is There a Tech Solution?

As COP26 in Glasgow approaches, how can technology help in the fight to reverse or at least reduce the long-term…

5 months ago

Apple $200m ‘Restore Fund’ Targets Climate Change

Apple reveals $200 million investment fund called the 'Restore Fund', to remove carbon emissions and support sustainable forestry

9 months ago

Google Maps Adds Eco Friendly Routes

Eco option for cClimate change. Google Maps users will soon be able to compare the CO2 emissions of different available…

10 months ago

IBM Pledges ‘Net Zero’ Greenhouse Emissions By 2030

Big Blue going green. IBM announces 2030 target, and becomes one of 20 new companies to join the 'Climate Pledge'…

11 months ago

Can More Data Save Our Climate?

As IoT and IIoT continue to rapidly develop, could this explosion in data collection result in vast improvements to how…

2 years ago

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change

Amazon founder and one of the world's richest men has pledged $10 billion in order to fight the “biggest threat…

2 years ago

Staff Sign Open Letter To Google Over Climate Change

Google staff pen open letter asking for a climate action plan including zero emissions by 2030 target

2 years ago

WD, UN Use Big Data Competition To Fight Climate Change

Data for Climate Action is an open innovation challenge to use data science and big data from the private sector…

5 years ago

How Are UK Data Centres Dealing With Climate Change Regulations?

In the week of the COP21 Climate Summit, UK data centre providers are under increasing pressure to regulate their energy…

6 years ago

Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft Founders Ally With Zuckerberg’s Climate Change Initiative

Zuckerberg-backed Breakthrough Energy Coalition will advocate zero-carbon technology to plug climate change gaps left by governments

6 years ago

Should The UK Climate Change Agreement Favour Colos?

Thanks to a green tax break, co-location providers and cloud services get cheaper electricity than in-house IT, says Peter Judge

8 years ago

Climate Change Deniers Should Sell Apple Stock, Says Tim Cook

Apple CEO loses his rag when climate change deniers criticise Apple's green energy projects at a shareholder meeting

8 years ago

Flood Apps Won’t Save The World

The government backed Tech City's bid to make helpful flood apps. Peter Judge wants to know - where's the long-term…

8 years ago

Scientists Criticise End Of Climategate Hack Investigation

Email theft is unsolved, but global warming science is vindicated

10 years ago

Broadband Promises Green Future Says UN Report

Broadband allows for flexible working practices, but it's also a boon for the environment, says a UN report

10 years ago

Conservatives Fail To Control The Carbs

The failure to introduce carbon accounting is one more broken environmental promise by the Conservative government, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

EIA Calls For Elimination Of Harmful Air Con Gas

The EIA has called for the “global elimination” of HFCs, commonly used in data centre cooling systems

10 years ago

UN Calls For More ICT To Fight Climate Change

The UN's technology body has highlighted how Ghana is mitigating global warming effects through ICT

10 years ago

ClimateGate 2 Is A Poor Excuse For A Sequel

Movie sequels are usually futile, and the ClimateGate 2 leaked emails are equally pointless, says Peter Judge

10 years ago

Climategate Row Erupts Again As New Emails Leak

More hacked emails from the UEA's Climatic Research Unit could destabilise UN climate summit

10 years ago

HP Tops Greenpeace Green Electronics Table

HP has ended Nokia's three year reign at the top of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics rankings

10 years ago

Data Centre Managers Warned On Cooling Regulations

Around 2,500 UK cooling companies are trading illegally, as fluorinated gases contribute to the greenhouse effect

11 years ago

ITU To Highlight Green Role Of ICTs At COP17

The International Telecommunication Union will back IT's green credentials at the UN's next climate conference

11 years ago

Green Consortium Wins ‘Open Platform’ Funding

A consortium that includes IBM and academics is developing a platform to exchange climate change data

11 years ago

Gov’t Warns Of Climate Change Threat To Wi-Fi

Intense rainfall or high temperatures disrupt Wi-Fi networks, leading to a communications breakdown

11 years ago

UK Docks With US And Russia On Green Space Tech

The agreement will help projects including the analysis of climate change data from earth observation satellites

12 years ago

Dell Supplies Servers For NASA Climate Research

NASA is spending £3.25 million ($5 mn) with Dell, to revamp its climate simulation research project using PowerEdge servers

12 years ago

Climategate Inquiry Clears Scientists Of Dishonesty

The scientists behind the Climategate controversy have been cleared by another inquiry, but criticised for not being sufficently open

12 years ago