Clean Energy

Greenpeace Slams ‘Dirty’ Amazon Web Services, Twitter

Leading tech firms praised by Greenpeace for their renewable energy drive, with the exception of AWS and Twitter

8 years ago

Google Pulls Plug On Renewable Energy Research

Among other cuts, Google has scrapped the RE>C project but has posted its results for others to use

10 years ago

Proton Urges Data Centres To Consider Fuel Cells

Carbon-conscious data centre managers should examine hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to diesel backup, says Thomas Melczer

11 years ago

Google Ploughs £70m Into World’s Largest Wind Farm

Google has followed its solar investments with funding for a giant wind farm

11 years ago

Google Invests £100m In Mojave Desert Solar Tower

Google's largest investment in clean energy is £103 million in a desert solar energy plant

11 years ago

Google Invests In German Solar Power Plant

Google is investing millions in a solar plant in Germany that will provide power to 5,000 homes

11 years ago

Small Businesses Support Move To Clean Energy

A survey of small business owners finds strong support for clean energy policies

12 years ago

US Lagging China in Clean Energy Investments

The U.S. trailed in 2009 clean energy asset financing, with only $11.2 billion, while China led with $29.8 billion

12 years ago