Chrome OS Overtakes macOS In 2020

Chrome OS is now the second most popular operating system in the world, after it overtook macOS, thanks to Chromebook…

1 year ago

Pandemic Drives Chromebook Sales ‘Through The Roof’

Remote education sees massive surge in Chromebook shipments, while tablets finish 2020 on a high as users look for ways…

2 years ago

Chrome OS Update Brings New-Look Browser To Chromebooks

Chrome OS 69 also introduces Night Light timed colour-shifting, Linux support and quicker access to voice dictation

4 years ago

Google Axes Pixel C Android Tablet

Search engine giant quietly retires its Android-based tablet Pixel C, in favour of Chromebooks

5 years ago

Google Goes High-End With Pixelbook Chromebook

Google unveils its Chrome-based answer for those seeking a high-end folding laptop

5 years ago

Poll: Would You Use A Chromebook In Your Business?

Google wants Chromebooks in more businesses after its success in education, but would you use one?

5 years ago

‘Screenshots’ Show Windows RT Reborn As Chromebook Challenger Windows 10 Cloud

Redmond looks to take on Google in the Chromebook market by rebranding failed Windows RT

6 years ago

Touchscreen HP Chromebook 11 G5 Is ‘Android-Ready’

HP Chromebook 11 G5 is company's first 11.6 inch ChromeOS laptop with a touchscreen - ready for Android apps later…

6 years ago

10 Of The Best 2-in-1 Laptops For Business

Tablet or laptop? Why not have both? Here's our rundown of the best 2-in-1 hybrid devices for business

6 years ago

HP ‘Reinvents’ The Chromebook For Businesses With Docking Station And USB-C

Co-designed with Google, the HP Chromebook 13 is the most powerful Chrome OS device and comes with full docking capability

6 years ago

Acer Chromebook 14 Brings All-Day Power

All-metal Chromebook comes with 14 hours of battery life, Acer claims

6 years ago

Google Doubles Chrome Bug Bounty Reward To $100,000

Google wants you to hack Chromebook with a persistent compromise in guest mode

6 years ago

CES 2016 – Acer Rolls Out Ultra-Customisable Chromebook

IN PICTURES - 11in Chromebook accompanied by all-in-one desktop Chromebase 24 also running ChromeOS

7 years ago

HP Adds A Splash Of Colour To 14 Inch Chromebook

All-new HP Chromebook 14 weighs just 1.7kg and will cost under £200

7 years ago

Lenovo Ramps Up The Power With New Laptop And Yoga Releases

IFA 2015: World’s largest PC manufacturer launches several new models, including a super-thin Chromebook and new Yoga devices

7 years ago

Schools And Universities Drive Record Chromebook Sales In 2014

Worldwide sales set to grow 27 percent this year to 7.3 million, Gartner report claims

7 years ago

Google Reveals Its Next Generation Chromebook

£799 Chromebook Pixel 2 will look to take on Apple’s upcoming Macbook

7 years ago

Dell, Lenovo: PCs Are Alive And Well

At the World Economic Summit, Michael Dell and Lenovo Americas President Gerry Smith say the market is strong despite years…

8 years ago

CES 2015 – Acer Launches Super-Sized Chromebook, Two New 4G Smartphones

Industry-first 15.6in Chromebook launches alongside Acer Liquid Jade S and Liquid Z410 smartphones

8 years ago

Is Lenovo About To Launch The Cheapest Chromebook Yet?

New low-cost devices will be entirely Chinese-built reportedly arriving next year

8 years ago