Apple Loses Confidence In Intel’s 5G Chip Deadline – Report

Apple reportedly expands own engineering team to develop modem chips for forthcoming iPhones

3 years ago

Huawei Launches Server Chipset To Lessen US Reliance

Chinese firm pledges to continue Intel partnership and insists chipset is complimentary, not competitive

3 years ago

Apple To Drop Intel 5G Chip For 2020 iPhones – Report

Apple is reportedly to drop yet another chipset made by Intel in its future iPhone handsets

4 years ago

Intel Leak Reveals Upcoming High-End Z390 Chipset

Documentation accidentally published by Intel gives details on a new motherboard chipset with high-end features

4 years ago

IBM Reveals World’s First 5nm Chip With 30bn Transistors

Big Blue has moved away from FinFET to produce the tiny chip architecture

5 years ago

Qualcomm Launches First 5G Modem Chipset

5G is still on the drawing board, but Qualcomm is already supporting it with modem hardware

6 years ago

Intel Expands Chip Agreement With Altera

Intel widens its foundry partnership with Altera to develop cheaper and faster multi-die components

8 years ago

Intel Adds USB 3.0 To Chipsets

Intel's 7-series chipset, made available this week, paves the way toward ubiquity of USB 3.0

10 years ago

Intel Announces Crystal Forest Platform For Faster Network Traffic

Intel says new chipset will allow manufacturers and service providers to create more-efficient, scalable networks

10 years ago

Report Finds Disappointing ‘Sandy Bridge’ Sales

Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' processors are not stimulating laptop sales as much as expected, after a chipset design flaw

11 years ago

HP Acts To Resolve Faulty Intel Chipset Problem

HP offers customers refund or replacement for PCs containing flawed Intel chipset tied to Sandy Bridge SoC

11 years ago

PC Makers To Bear Brunt Of Intel Chipset Recall

Some analysts argue that the financial troubles caused by Intel's recall of a flawed chipset will be borne by OEMs

11 years ago

Intel Recalls Sandy Bridge Support Chips

A design flaw in a chipset that supports Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” Core-i chips will cost the company almost $1bn

11 years ago