Intel Security Flaw Affects Pentium, Atom, Celeron Chips

Researchers find vulnerability in certain low powered Intel chips, but good news is that patches are available for download now

3 weeks ago

EU Plans European Chips Act To Increase Production

European Commission announces plan to create a state-of-the-art European chip ecosystem, including semiconductor production

3 months ago

Facebook Developing Machine Learning Chip – Report

Engineers at Facebook are reportedly developing a machine learning chip, as part of its internal chip development program

3 months ago

Chip Shortage Forces Toyota To Cut Production By 40 Percent

World's biggest car maker Toyota announces it will dramatically reduce car production next month as the chip shortage bites

4 months ago

Google Develops Own Processor For Pixel Smartphones

Sorry Qualcomm. Pixel 6 smartphones arriving later this year will feature in-house Tensor processors designed by Google itself

4 months ago

TSMC Considers Construction Of Japanese Factory – Report

World's largest contract chipmaker is considering construction of a new factory in Japan to help tackle global chip shortage

5 months ago

GlobalFoundries Seeks To Dismiss IBM Claim For $2.5 Billion

US contract chipmaker GlobalFoundries asks New York court to dismiss Big Blue claim that it is owed $2.5 billion in…

6 months ago

IBM Claims Breakthrough With 2 Nanometer Chip

Research boffins at IBM are touting a major leap forward in performance and energy efficiency with a 'world first' 2nm…

7 months ago

Taiwan Dashes EU Hopes Of Advanced Chip Production In Europe

EU setback. Taiwanese government minister rejects EU plan, and points to TSMC decision to focus chip expansion in Taiwan, not…

7 months ago

TSMC Pledges $100 Billion Over Three Years, For ‘Advanced’ Chip Making

Mammoth investment over three years to bolster advanced chip making, in order to keep up with rising demand, amid the…

8 months ago

Samsung Mulls Four US Locations For $17bn Chip Factory – Report

Two sites in Arizona, one in New York and one is Texas being considered for new multi-billion dollar chip factory…

9 months ago

US To Squeeze Chip Choke Points To Thwart China Ambitions

US national security commission recommends tightening up 'choke points' on chip manufacturing, to safeguard American interests

9 months ago

Coronavirus: Silicon Shortage Slows Car Production

Supply chain squeeze. Worldwide shortage of CPUs is slowing the manufacturing of new cars from a number of the world's…

11 months ago

Apple Unveils Mac Computers Powered By M1 Chip

Tuesday's 'One More Thing' launch event sees Apple reveal the first MacBook Air and other Macs with its inhouse designed…

1 year ago

SMIC In ‘Complete Shock’ Over US Sanctions Threat

Shares in Chinese chip maker SMIC have plummeted over concerns it will get dragged into US-China tech cold war and…

1 year ago

Neuralink Chip Implanted In Pig’s Brain

Elon Musk and his Neuralink team implant a computer chip in the brain of a pig, in the first stage…

1 year ago

Nvidia Overtakes Intel To Become Most Valuable US Chipmaker

Move aside Intel. Nvidia is now the most valuable chipmaker in the United States, despite not actually making any of…

1 year ago

Apple To Replace Mac Intel Chips With In-House Processor – Bloomberg

Fresh media report suggests Apple is just a week away from official announcement of the replacement of Mac Intel processors…

1 year ago

Intel Hardware-Based Cryptography ‘At Risk’ From New Flaw

Flaw in Converged Security Management Engine could allow attackers to remotely extract root cryptographic key, leading to 'utter chaos', researchers…

2 years ago

Intel Chip Aims To Make Quantum Computers Scalable

'Horse Ridge' chip simplifies qubit control systems, paving the way toward practical, commercially viable quantum computers

2 years ago

AWS Developing Powerful Data Centre Chip – Report

Second generation data centre chip is being designed by Amazon Web Services, based on ARM technology

2 years ago

Intel Finally Reveals First 10th Gen Core Processors

After many years delay, Intel finally reveals its 10 nanometer” 'Ice Lake' processors for tablets and laptops

3 years ago

Chipmaker ASML Admits IP Theft, But Rejects China Claim

Dutch chipmaker says workers in US stole intellectual property, but rejects Chinese espionage implications

3 years ago

Samsung Issues Shock Profit Warning, Amid Slowing Chip Demand

Another sign of tech slowdown? Samsung warns weak chip demand will keep profits subdued

3 years ago

Samsung Profits Slip As Galaxy S9 Misses Sales Targets

Smartphone slowdown. South Korean giant feels the pressure from cheaper Chinese handsets

3 years ago

Alexa Chip Takes Aim At The Internet Of Things

DSP's ultra-low-power Alexa-enabled voice processor aims to put Amazon's assistant into battery-powered gadgets

3 years ago

Intel Chips ‘At Risk’ To Eight New Spectre-Style Flaws

The chaos caused by Spectre earlier this year was not a one-off, report claims

4 years ago

ARM Chip Safeguards IoT Physical Security

The Cortex-M35P chip protects against proximity-based attacks that can target critical infrastructure

4 years ago

Samsung Starts Mass Production Of 512GB Flash Chip

That is a lot of photos. Samsung begins mass production of 512GB storage chip for mobile devices

4 years ago

Intel Touts 17-Qubit Quantum Computing Chip

Tech giant officially enters quantum computing race after it delivers new 17-Qubit chip to Dutch partner

4 years ago