China Telecom

FCC Revokes China Telecom Licence In US

US communication regulator has officially revoked and terminates the license of China Telecom to provide services in the United States

1 month ago

FCC Moves Towards Banning Three Chinese Telecom Firms

US regulatory move by the FCC signals that the tough US stance against China under the Joe Biden administration is…

9 months ago

Outgoing FCC Boss Ajit Pai Warns Of China Threat

China continues to pose espionage and cyber threat to US telecommunications networks, says FCC chairman as he steps down after…

10 months ago

US Telecoms Networks Ordered To Remove Huawei Kit

US telecoms regulator orders rural networks reliant on federal funding to rip out existing Huawei gear, begins proceedings against China…

12 months ago

US Agencies In Favour Of Axing China Telecom US Licence

Ability of Chinese teleco to provide communication and data services between US and China could be jeopardy amid review of…

2 years ago

Apple Selects China Telecom Data Centres To Store iCloud Data

Apple begins storing the personal data of Chinese users on servers in mainland China

7 years ago

VMware Expands To Asia With Japan, China Partnerships

VMware forms cloud computing partnership with China Telecom, despite official hostility to Western firms

7 years ago

China Telecom Launches CTExcelbiz Virtual Network In UK

Virtual network will target Chinese residents, students, tourists and business customers in UK

10 years ago

RIPE NCC Secures Internet Routing With Certification Service

Internet traffic hijacking will be less likely when the Internet is secured with an encrypted routing registry

11 years ago

Experts Say China Web Traffic Hijack Was ‘Overhyped’

Data analysis of the China Telecom Internet traffic hijack show claims are incorrect and overhyped, experts say

11 years ago

Chinese Web Hijack Poses Huge Security Risk

The apparently innocuous rerouting of Internet traffic through a Chinese ISP is a warning that next time it could be…

11 years ago

China Telecom Denies Internet ‘Hijack’ Intent

The ISP claims that an incident in April, where 15 percent of the world's Internet traffic was re-routed through servers…

11 years ago