Instagram Kids Development Halted After Backlash

Facebook's Instagram confirms development pause of new app for kids, after report of the harmful effect it has on teenage…

8 months ago

Age Appropriate Design Code Arrives To Protect Kids

Rules to protect youngsters come into effect in the UK today, governing how apps and online services should treat children’s…

9 months ago

Instagram To Require Date Of Birth From All Users

Facebook's Instagram is to require users to provide their date of birth - days before UK starts age verification enforcement

9 months ago

China Limits Kids To Three Hours Of Video Games A Week

Draconian move? Children in China now only allowed to play video games between 8 and 9pm on Friday, weekends and…

9 months ago

ICO Children’s Data Rules Meet With Divided Response

Upcoming regulations hailed as a pioneering step to protect children's data online, but some fear they could favour big tech…

2 years ago

Hacked Ring Camera Found In Child’s Bedroom

Parental nightmare. Video of young girl being shared online, shows her talking to stranger in her bedroom via hacked camera

2 years ago

Instagram Implements Date Of Birth Requirement For New Users

New users of Instagram will be required to submit their date of birth in an effort to safeguard youngsters and…

2 years ago

Schools Heads Warn Of ‘Sadfishing’ Social Media Trend

Social media trend. Teenagers make exaggerated claims about emotional problems to generate online sympathy

3 years ago

Facebook Flaw Allowed Kids To Join Unauthorised Chats

Facebook quietly fixes design flaw with Messenger Kids app that allows kids to join unauthorised chats

3 years ago

Amazon Sued For Alexa Allegedly Recording Kids

Lawsuit alleges Alexa routinely records and voiceprints children without consent

3 years ago

UK Porn Viewers To Face Age Checks From 15 July

No 'summer loving' for British porn viewers if they fail to verify their age from mid July

3 years ago

MPs Call For Regulation Of Social Media Firms

Committee of MPs lambast social media firms for facilitating bullying and online grooming

3 years ago

No Evidence Screen Time Is Bad For Kids

No good evidence screen time is "toxic" to kids health, expert say, but it should be limited before bedtime

3 years ago

Ofcom Study Reveals Extent Of Our Tech Addiction

Its good to talk? Not according to Ofcom study, as messaging apps overtake number of mobile calls

4 years ago

Poor Broadband Hinders Education Of 1.2 Million Children

Digital poverty line. Poor broadband line speeds see 1.2 million children falling behind, survey finds

4 years ago

WTF Is Safer Internet Day?

The Internet is an endless resource for education, entertainment and discovery. But there are dangers too

5 years ago

UNICEF Seeks World-Changing Open Source Technologies

United Nations to fund startups to develop open source tech to improve the lives of vulnerable children and civilians

6 years ago

Primary School Child Learns How To Hack A Laptop In Ten Minutes

Hacking is so easy, even a seven year-old girl can do it, experiment finds

7 years ago

Forget Frozen – All Your Four Year Old Wants This Christmas Is A Smartphone

Peer pressure leading to parents getting expensive phone contracts even earlier, survey finds

7 years ago

Eight Year Boy To Address Cyber Security Conference

Security becomes a young man's game as Indian prodigy prepares to speak at cyber security conference

8 years ago

One In Three UK Children Now Owns A Tablet

Ofcom survey reveals increasing presence of tablet devices amongst youngsters

8 years ago

New Google-Backed Children’s Coding Competition Gets Royal Approval

Duke of York: Peer to Peer Challenge challenges young people to get involved in coding

8 years ago

Safer Internet Day: Neelie Kroes Says Parents Must Protect Children Online

EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes says the government cannot keep your kids safe online

8 years ago

Stolen Edinburgh Council Laptop Contains Children’s Details

We hope the crook wiped data before fencing the computer, Council says

10 years ago

Almost 80 Percent Of Brits Are Against Default Porn Filter

“Active choice” is a favourite with parents, but a very vocal minority disagrees

10 years ago

TalkTalk Customers Want Smut-Cutting Porn Filter

One third of new TalkTalk customers opt for censorship, 80 percent approve of the offer

10 years ago

IT Industry’s Byte Night Raises £650,000 For Children

It has been another record-breaking year for the IT charity sleep-out Byte Night

11 years ago

Byte Night 2011 Will Help Young People Again

The UK's IT industry will sleep rough for one night in October to raise money for Action for Children

11 years ago

Facebook Safety Concerns Over Underage Users

A report has highlighted concerns over the millions of Facebook users who are below the age of 13

11 years ago

Campaigning MP Claims Support For Online Smut Ban

A backbench MP has claimed that there is 'favourable consensus' on the need for Internet porn filters

11 years ago