child protection

Facebook Grilled By US Senators Over Harm To Children Research

Facebook's head of safety faces tough questions from US senators over WSJ reports on Instagram impact on teenage girls self…

4 months ago

Age Appropriate Design Code Arrives To Protect Kids

Rules to protect youngsters come into effect in the UK today, governing how apps and online services should treat children’s…

5 months ago

Children At Risk From End-to-End Encryption, Says Report

Plans by social media firms to widen the use of end-to-end encryption will put children a risk, Children Commissioner warns

1 year ago

Almost Half Of British Internet Users Suffer ‘Online Harm’

Online health check. Eight in ten adults concerned when going online, as majority fret over online content

3 years ago

Government Confirms Delay For Online Porn Age Checks

The deadline for the government's age verification tool has been pushed back to the end of the year over security…

4 years ago

Google Changes Up Play Store App Rating System

Android developers will not longer be able to self certify the age rating of their apps as part of an…

7 years ago

Mspy Admits Blackmail Attack, Denies Data Breach

Child monitoring firm denies massive data leak but admits that it was approached by blackmailers

7 years ago

Kuddle To Partner Microsoft For Child Friendly Tablet

A child friendly tablet is being developed by Microsoft and Norwegian picture sharing app Kuddle

7 years ago

Google Reveals Gmail User ID, After Child Abuse Discovery

Google reports a Gmail user to the police after discovering illegal images in his email

7 years ago

Ofcom Reports On Successful Implementation Of ‘Porn Filters’

Just 4 percent of new Virgin Media customers have adopted the tools designed to protect children online

7 years ago

‘Friendly Wi-Fi’ Aims To Stop Porn Access In Public Hotspots

The voluntary scheme was designed to protect children from harmful content

8 years ago

Safer Internet Day: Neelie Kroes Says Parents Must Protect Children Online

EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes says the government cannot keep your kids safe online

8 years ago

CEOP Warns Child Abuse Online Is Evolving

Children as young as eight are being blackmailed into performing sex acts live on webcam

8 years ago

Bing Introduces Pop-up Warnings For Child Abuse Searches

Protection groups welcome the move, but say it is only part of the solution

8 years ago

CEOP Goes Covert On Dark Web To Snare Paedophiles

CEOP is to focus on illicit activity on the dark web as it looks to unmask those who think they…

10 years ago

Police Crack Down On Internet Paedophiles

A report claims there is a link between viewing indecent images of children and real-life abuse

10 years ago

TalkTalk Makes New Customers View Parental Controls

TalkTalk says new customers will have to make an active choice whether or not to filter a number of content…

10 years ago

EC Forms Online Child Protection Coalition

The EC has formed a coalition of 28 leading tech and media companies to improve children's online safety

10 years ago

Vodafone Launches Child Protection Mobile App

Vodafone Guardian app will allow parents to manage their children's smartphone use

10 years ago

CEOP Protects Hundreds Of Kids From Online Abuse

CEOP protected over 400 children from online threats last year, as parents turn to tech to track their offspring

11 years ago

New Smartphone App Could Root Out Paedophiles

A new mobile phone application developed at Lancaster University can spot adults pretending to be children

11 years ago

CEOP Warns Of Jump In Online Complaints

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has recorded a large increase in the number of online compliants

11 years ago

CEOP Says Shake-Up Will Harm Child Safety

CEOP's Jim Gamble has slammed government plans to roll the child protection agency into the NCA

11 years ago

Youth Jailed For Refusing To Break Encryption

A teenager has been sent to jail after refusing to hand over the encryption key for his computer

11 years ago

Home Secretary Lambasted For CEOP Assimilation

Phoenix Foundation “disgusted” and a government chief officer resigns over decision to disband child protection agency

11 years ago

Facebook and The Panic Button Panic

Child protection agency Ceop argued over how much presence it should have on Facebook. It should be making its message…

12 years ago

Facebook Adds Optional Ceop Panic Button

Facebook has given in to pressure and added the Ceop child protection button - as part of an optional app

12 years ago

Facebook Reaches Compromise Over CEOP Button

The social network has finally agreed to use the child protection button on its site, while launching a PR offensive…

12 years ago