child abuse

Apple Urged To Drop CSAM Scanning Plans By Campaigners

More than 90 privacy groups urge Apple to abandon plans to scan children's messages, and the iPhone's of adults for…

3 months ago

Apple Defends Photo Checking On iPhones

Apple promises to reject any government demands to use, or alter, its controversial detection system of child abuse images

4 months ago

Apple To Scan US iPhones For Child Abuse Images

Slippery slope? Apple accused of creating encryption backdoor as it becomes first tech firm to scan for child abuses images…

4 months ago

Tech Firms Pledge Child Abuse Disclosures To Blunt Anti-Encryption Drive

Strategic move? Google, Facebook, Microsoft pledge to improve and standardise annual disclosures around online child exploitation

1 year ago

Facebook Removes 11.6m Child Abuse Posts

Depressing stats sees social network remove 11.6 million pieces of child abuse content in three month period

2 years ago

Zuckerberg Hits Back Against Encryption Backdoor Request

The United States, UK, and Australia sign open letter to Facebook saying encryption helps child abuse, as they demand an…

2 years ago

Facebook Removes Three Billion Fake Accounts

Huge number of fake accounts disabled by Facebook over a six month enforcement period

3 years ago

Encrypted Apps Used To Exchange Child Abuse Images – Report

Criminals increasingly utilising encrypted apps, rather than the dark web, to trade child abuse images

3 years ago

Home Secretary ‘Demands’ Action From Tech Firms On Child Abuse

Sajid Javid pledges more cash, and demands tech giants tackle online child sexual abuse, or face legislation

3 years ago

Industry Experts Meet To Tackle Online Child Abuse

Companies meeting in London to discuss ways to tackle online child sexual exploitation

6 years ago

Google Reveals Gmail User ID, After Child Abuse Discovery

Google reports a Gmail user to the police after discovering illegal images in his email

7 years ago

British Police Help Dismantle Online Child Abuse Ring

Investigation into online streaming of child abuse leads to 29 arrests

8 years ago

Tor Websites Down As Alleged Freedom Hosting Admin Arrested For Child Porn Distribution

Evidence suggests hackers employed by the FBI managed to track some Tor users

8 years ago

Google Introduces Better Child Abuse Prevention Tools

More cooperation between child protection agencies should lead to a ‘cleaner’ Internet

8 years ago

Police Crack Down On Internet Paedophiles

A report claims there is a link between viewing indecent images of children and real-life abuse

9 years ago

Is CEOP Right About Twitter?

Things have moved on since CEOP's Facebook campaign, but child protection in social media still needs careful thought, says Peter…

10 years ago