Apple Not Happy, As Europe Insists On Common Charger

A decade late and the end for lightning cables? Apple will be forced to install USB-C ports on all its…

2 months ago

EU Set To Unveil Common Phone Charger Proposal

Only a decade late? European Commission on Thursday will reportedly present its proposed legislation for a common phone charger

3 months ago

Apple Fined $2 Million For Selling iPhone 12 With No Charger

Fined for breaking consumer law as Brazilian agency rejects Apple green claim for not including charger, as well as 'misleading'…

9 months ago

Apple Cautions EU About Common Charger Push

Apple has cautioned against the renewed EU push for a common mobile charger, warning that losing its Lightning port will…

2 years ago

EU Regulators Mull Action On Universal Smartphone Chargers

Frustrated at lack of progress towards universal phone charger, EU to consider whether to take action

3 years ago

Free Software Will Help Detect Faulty And Malicious USB-C Cables

HP, Intel and Microsoft-backed USB-C authentication guidelines will help protect against security threats and damaged devices

6 years ago

Phone Chargers Will Use More Power Than Jamaica In 2019

Charging devices will generate 13 Megatonnes of CO2 equivalent by 2019 - more than double today's figure

7 years ago

The IEC Creates A Universal Laptop Charger

The new standard will be published in early 2014, but it’s unclear whether companies like Apple will get on board

8 years ago

Nokia 301 Joins O2 “Chargers Out Of The Box” Range

Nokia 301 is the first mass-market handset to ship without a charger on O2

8 years ago

O2 On Track To Sell Phones Without Chargers By 2015

Operator O2 wants industry to sell phones without chargers as standard following successful HTC test

9 years ago

Apple Files Patent For Password Recovering Charger

New technology could replace security questions for forgotten laptop, iPhone and iPad passwords

10 years ago