CES 2020

CES 2021: Tech Expo Virtual Highlights So Far

See-through television, rollable smartphone, and gaming company making a highly advanced facemask among new developments during CES 2021

10 months ago

CES 2020: Twitter To Test Reply-Limiting Tech

Platform to test four settings to allow users to control who can reply to a user's tweets, in effort to…

2 years ago

CES 2020: Samsung Shows Off Virtual Keyboard

Look Mum, no keyboard. Samsung shows off invisible keyboard that uses AI and finger tracking via a device's 'selfie' camera

2 years ago

CES 2020: Intel Shows Off Folding Computer Panel

Intel concept of a laptop-like computer created from a single folding screen, plus impressive self-driving Mobileye demonstation using camera-only tech

2 years ago

CES 2020: Amazon’s Ring Adds Gadgets, Tightens Security

Amazon-owned Ring launches electronic gate-unlocking gadget and announces security feature to keep intruders out of smart home devices

2 years ago

CES 2020: 8K Televisions, Virtual Assistants On Display At Tech Show

Samsung and others show off massive 8K televisions, as virtual assistants make their way into electric vehicles and showerheads

2 years ago

Silicon in Focus: CES 2020

As CES 2020 approaches, Silicon spoke with leading technology specialists and asked what they think are the highlights of the…

2 years ago