Signal Hacks Cellebrite Phone Hacking Kit

Sweet revenge? Signal said it has hacked the phone hacking kit from Cellebrite, used by law enforcement to access mobile…

1 year ago

Signal Founder Dismisses Cellebrite Encryption Crack Claim

Security firm Cellebrite alleges it has cracked encryption of the most secure messaging app on the market, but Signal founder…

2 years ago

Ministers Call For Scottish Police To Delay Rollout Of Phone-Hacking Tech

MSPs say more work is needed on the privacy and human rights implications of the controversial tools, which bypass phone…

3 years ago

Apple Disables iPhone Encryption Workaround Used By Cops

Apple said the move was not specifically aimed at frustrating law enforcement's efforts to convict criminals

4 years ago

Scottish Police Buy Cellebrite Phone Unlocking Kits

Cellebrite kiosks are to be deployed around Scotland for unlocking phones and other seized devices

4 years ago

US Government Contractor Cellebrite ‘Can Unlock Latest iPhones’

Even the most recent iOS gadgets and software may not be safe from prying eyes, according to claims by Israel-based…

4 years ago

Cellebrite Now Cracks iPhone 6

Firm involved in the FBI's terrorist iPhone unlocking case admits it can now extract data from the iPhone 6 range

5 years ago

Attackers ‘Steal’ 900GB Of Data From Phone Hacker Cellebrite

The stolen information in Cellebrite hack included customer information and technical product data

5 years ago