CCTV Cameras

Government Surveillance Commissioner Warns Of Chinese-made CCTV – Report

UK's surveillance camera commissioner warns government, public bodies, and local authorities, against buying Chinese-made CCTV cameras

1 week ago

US To Impose Sanctions On China’s Hikvision – Report

Biden administration is targetting Chinese CCTV giant Hikvision with potential sanctions for 'enabling' human rights abuses

3 weeks ago

Amazon’s Ring To Make Police Requests For Video Footage Public

Transparency move, as US police forces and fire departments increasingly use video footage captured from Ring doorbells and cameras

12 months ago

Verkada CCTV Breach Exposes Hundreds Of Businesses

Verkada compromise of its CCTV system, sees hackers gain admin access to cameras inside Tesla, hospitals, police stations, prison etc

1 year ago

Kings Cross Facial Recognition Cameras Shut Down

Private firm confirms it no longer uses facial recognition cameras in the Kings Cross District area

3 years ago

Two Romanians Arrested For US Police CCTV Hack

Two Romanians charged with hacking Washington DC police computers as part of ransomware campaign

4 years ago

Giant CCTV Camera Botnet Highlights IoT Security Threats

A botnet made up of more than 25,000 hacked security cameras spread around the world is being used to launch…

6 years ago